Fall Protection Safety From IBT

Fall Protection Safety From IBT

At IBT’s Tech X 500, I presented an actual demonstration of the forces generated during a typical industrial fall. Those in attendance saw what they may not have known about new fall protection standards.

These standards – and the falls they deal with – can have great impact on you, your workers and your workplace.


How Safe Is That Safety Belt? was presented by Process Marketing Group. We work with IBT on products by DBI-SALA, Protecta and Sinco, offering assistance to employers that helps them protect their workers from fatal falls.

Our products include full body harnesses, shock absorbing lanyards, nets, guardrails and confined space equipment. In addition to the usage of appropriate safety equipment, we emphasize the critical need for proper training of employees.

Unfortunately, some employers purchase fall protection equipment but fail in the related duty to provide adequate training.

A recent NIOSH study showed that 13% of fatal falls occurred when the workers were actually wearing fall protection equipment-but wearing it improperly!

IBT Safety assists their customers in selecting proper fall protection equipment and they also provide training in the proper use. This training includes showing how and when to use anchor points and horizontal lifelines, current OSHA and ANSI fall protection standards, as well as the inspection and cleaning of equipment.

At the Tech X 500 seminar, we demonstrated tests drops with belts, harnesses, shock absorbers and self-retracting lifelines.

The truly frightening thing about falls is that even a small drop could prove fatal in the worst case, or lead to a very serious, disabling injury.

A fall does not just harm the person who falls; it also hurts their family, their company, their friends and their community. What is so tragic is that most falls are completely preventable.

If you were at my Tech X 500 demonstration, you saw how easily the fall prevention products that IBT offers can work for you. Talk to your sales rep for more information or contact IBT Safety.


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