FDA Compliant Threadlocker From Loctite

FDA Compliant Threadlocker From Loctite

Food and beverage processors have long been seeking a fool-proof way of securing threaded fasteners in machinery and components in their facilities without much success. Their challenge has been to be fully compliant with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations concerning food additives.

Threaded assembly failure is the number one cause for failure in any manufacturing environment. The food and beverage industry deals with this failure each and every day through costly and non-approved means. Attempted industry solutions have included using weld nuts, double nuts and other devices, including non-authorized chemical solutions, in an attempt to stop mechanical fasteners from failing.

Now there is an effective new solution: Loctite® 2046TM Threadlocker. This new product is the only threadlocker that meets FDA food additive regulations. Loctite 2046 Threadlocker is a strengthening or coupling agent for joints on food processing equipment that may contact all types of food and is fully compliant with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and all applicable food additive regulations, including 21 C.F.R. § 175.300.

In today’s high speed fluid-filling lines, loose fluid-filler valve head cover bolts can cause serious product damage, unscheduled line shutdowns, and even product contamination.

Prevent this costly event and ensure your food product safety with Loctite 2046 Threadlocker. It can also be used to secure mechanical fasteners on industrial fryers, industrial ovens to 400°F / 204 °C, conveyor systems, mixers, ribbon blenders, and other assemblies subject to wash-down that can cause fastener corrosion.

Loctite 2046 cures in the absence of air and presence of metal. It forms a hard thermoset plastic that unitizes assemblies, prevents galling and seizing of components, and can be used without primer for stainless steel applications. The unique properties of Loctite 2046 produce a cured fillet around the engagement area, ensuring that it does not drip and does not make its way into the final food product.

The technical facts:

  • Chemical Type: Two-part anaerobic adhesive
  • Color: Blue (mixed)
  • Strength: Medium (allows for easy disassembly)
  • Temperature Resistance: 400°F (204°C)
  • Breakaway/Prevail Torque (in.-lb.) 111/63

For more information about Loctite 2046 Threadlocker – or any of the other full line of innovative and effective Loctite product solutions, talk to your IBT sales rep or write to us.


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