Georgia-Pacific Leads To Lean Process

Georgia-Pacific Leads To Lean Process

Fundamental to establishing a Lean Manufacturing environment is a process called 5S, whose activities are best described as good housekeeping. Central to 5S is the idea that a clean and orderly work environment is a more efficient, uplifting and safer environment.

The 5S Process is broken down into five components:

  1. Sort (get rid of clutter)
  2. Set (organize)
  3. Shine (keep clean)
  4. Standardize (get consistency)
  5. Sustain (maintain cleanliness)

All of these steps work together to help reduce cost-in-use, reduce waste and increase safety and hygiene practices.

The first step is Sort:

Sorting and eliminating involves removing all unnecessary items from work areas. As the first step in this detailed process, it can also be the most difficult and tedious. Manufacturing environments are often filled with items such as: old rags or wipers, cleaning supplies, supply boxes or packaging cases, tools, chemicals and safety gear. These items have often accumulated over years and exposed employees to a number of safety or health hazards.

Georgia-Pacific Professional products help manufacturers sort and eliminate these unnecessary items.

Their products can help manufacturers continue their Lean Journey by integrating various GP products with the 5S Process. Certain products will help you accomplish your Lean manufacturing goals.

As an example, the Brawny Industrial Wet Shop Towels can help manufacturers implement the first step of the 5S Process:

Space saver – These wipers are packaged in a large, dispensing container that is easy to store and takes up less space, helping the work environment stay clean and well-organized.

Hygienic – These towels help reduce contact among clean and used wipers. This allows manufacturers reduce or eliminate the accumulation of contaminated wipers in vital work areas for manufacturing employees.

One-at-a-time-dispensing – This unique dispensing system helps employees neatly obtain the wet shop towels they need without maneuvering around bulky or unused shop towel containers on the workshop floor.

Plus, they are of the highest quality. GP solutions can help reduce waste, increase productivity, lower costs, enhance safety and hygiene and lessen your impact on the environment.

Georgia-Pacific manufacturing solutions are designed to meet your needs. In addition to Brawny products, GP has touch-free, one-at-a-time towel dispensers that help reduce cross-contamination and minimize usage and waste. Their high-capacity models help keep refills to a minimum. Georgia-Pacific soaps are ideal for frequent hand washing and eliminating germs, while their heavy duty scrub cleaners are ideal for eliminating dirt, oil and grease from hands.

For more information about Brawny Industrial Wet Shop Towels and the entire Georgia-Pacific line of products, talk to your IBT Safety rep or write to us.


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