Get 5x Longer Life with Self-Lubricating Roller Chain

Get 5x Longer Life with Self-Lubricating Roller Chain

self-lubricating roller chainIs it time to invest in a self-lubricating roller chain?  The best in maintenance-free roller chain, by Diamond Chain Company, is blowing away the competition with a longer wear life and the capacity to work in several food applications.

But not every facility needs self-lubricating roller chain.  Here are a few reasons why a maintenance-free chain like Diamond’s Duralube® might improve your operations—and uptime.

Faster replacement during outages.

Installation is faster and easier when the roller chain arrives pre-filled with exactly the right amount of lubricant from the factory—so your technician does not waste time with the added hassle of lubricating the new chain during an outage.  Unlike traditional roller chain that has lubrication applied externally, Duralube has the added benefit of being able to hold internal lubrication in the bushings.  Heat from the application actually warms the lubricant, so it flows out into the pin and bushing area.

5x the wear life of standard “factory lubricated chain.”

The addition of lubricant to the bushing helps provide additional wear life.  When combined with the new 5-component design using a free-turning bushing and roller chain, it creates less repetitive part wear.  “Duralube performs 10% longer than even the next closest maintenance-free chain on the market,” said Chris Wilson, Marketing Manager at Diamond Chain Company.  “Even if you’re already using another maintenance-free chain right now, you’ll still get 10% more duty time out of your chain.”

Less downtime for maintenance.

With the factory pre-lubrication and longer service life, you get fewer breakages, fewer outages—and less routine maintenance in general, which means less downtime for chain-related issues.  “While you can’t just ‘set it and forget it’ forever, this chain actually comes pretty close to that,” Wilson said.  “It still requires some maintenance, but less often, and with less downtime.”

Easier maintenance for hard-to-reach areas.

That additional lubrication to the bushing also helps out where it’s difficult to do regular preventive maintenance in hard-to-reach areas, like overhead conveyors or overhead power transmission systems.  “With the built-in lubrication system, we still recommend that the chain is lubricated as part of your standard maintenance practices,” Wilson said.  “But you’ll get more service time out of the chain, so there’s fewer trips up the ladder and less risk of injuries, in addition to less maintenance time overall.”

It now works in some food-conveying applications.

While Duralube does not yet work in all food processing applications, you can order it pre-filled with a variety of lubricants, including food-grade lubricant rated for “incidental” contact—such as packaging or palletizers.  The chain also works well in other challenging applications, such as:

  • Wood Sanding
  • Vacuum chambers
  • Construction
  • Dehydrators
  • Palletizers
  • Paper processing
  • Conveyor systems

“This chain is suitable for most high-performance power transmission applications that rely entirely on initial factory lubricant,” Wilson added.


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