Get The Most Out of Your Vacuforce Vacuum System

Get The Most Out of Your Vacuforce Vacuum System

Is your vacuum pick and place system working to its maximum capacity? Or is it sucking up too much energy?

“Vacuum technology is the least understood technology in the industrial world today,” said Vacuforce vacuum system expert and General Manager Dan Pascoe. “People know conveyors, power transmissions, and motors…but not vacuum systems.”

Whether you use a Vacuforce vacuum system for food packaging, boxes, car doors, or screens, try these ideas to improve performance—and lower energy costs.

Idea #1—Decrease Compressed Air Consumption

“Vacuum systems are heavy users of compressed air,” Pascoe said. “You can easily reduce your compressed air consumption by 30%-80%—just by upgrading a few key parts in the system.” That adds up to a much lower energy cost for operating your system.

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Idea #2—Improve Vacuum Cycle Weights

“This directly impacts how quickly you can pull and release a product or package from a vacuum,” Pascoe said. “Overall, it makes your system work better.”

Idea #3—Use a Universal Vacuum End-of-Arm Tool

By using a universal vacuum end-of-arm tool, like the Vacuforce Squid, you can replace 10-15 other tools—and keep only 1 set of replacement parts and tools onsite. Universal tools like the Squid are specially designed to pick up many different products, sizes, and shapes. See the video now.

Idea #4—Train Your Staff in Vacuum Best Practices

This helps maintenance technicians and engineers to get the most life and efficiency out of these often misunderstood systems. Vacuforce routinely partners with IBT Industrial Solutions to provide both beginning and advanced training in vacuum best practices to customer sites across the Midwest.

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Idea #5—Get an Efficiency Survey from a Professional

When a customer is uncertain about whether their vacuum system is working well, then Pascoe’s team performs an efficiency survey at their site to evaluate its performance. They can identify:

  • Danger areas
  • Maintenance issues
  • Ways to save money
  • Alternative parts/designs for enhanced efficiency

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Get your efficiency survey today!

Contact Brent Hanson, the Business Group Director of Fluid Power at IBT Industrial Solutions, at (913) 261-2125 or

Idea #6—Replace or Redesign Your System

If the system is not working well in your overall operations, then it may be time for a replacement—or redesign. If you don’t feel confident doing it yourself, consider hiring an expert.

“We can provide a complete vacuum system, including design, or help improve or replace a system that is not working to your satisfaction,” said Brent Hanson, the Business Group Director of Fluid Power at IBT. His team often works with Vacuforce to help facility managers with their:

  • Automated pick and place
  • Automated palletizing
  • Automated food packaging

“We like partnering with Vacuforce, because their engineers are top-notch,” Hanson said.

About Vacuforce

Vacuforce is a manufacturer and distributor of vacuum components and turnkey systems for the North American, European, and Asian markets. They produce vacuum cups, generators, pumps, blowers, valves, switches, and sensors. Learn more at

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Contact Brent Hanson, the Business Group Director of Fluid Power at IBT Industrial Solutions, at (913) 261-2125 or


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