Good Vibes, Bad Vibes For IMT

Good Vibes, Bad Vibes For IMT

In a factory, with all of its mechanical equipment, vibration is a given. Moving stuff vibrates. End of story, right?

Not necessarily. There is vibration and then there is vibration. Essentially, some vibes are good. Some vibes are not so good. It is the job of the Industrial Maintenance Technologies (IMT) guys at IBT to be able to tell the difference.

The trick is to monitor the vibrations and understand the message they are sending. This requires highly technical equipment and, more importantly, a skilled and experienced technician to use it and read the results. IMT has both.

In rotating equipment especially, the type most likely to have significant vibration issues, IMT techs can detect problem conditions well before they deteriorate into dangerous situations.

Proper vibration analysis includes stationary on-line continuous monitoring systems. The periodic and systematic use of portable, off-line systems for condition monitoring and diagnostics will provide an early warning that will allow orderly remediation without unplanned losses of productivity.

It is easier to plan preventive maintenance (PM) at a time you specify than it is to fix a broken machine on a critical, unplanned and unexpected occasion.

With a planned inspection program including regular vibration analysis for main machinery as well as supplementary systems, you’ll have an opportunity to avert problems.

IMT services also include general troubleshooting and various types of PM and repair necessary based on problems they detect.

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