Goodyear EP Solar-Shield XL750 For Extreme Hot Applications

Goodyear EP Solar-Shield XL750 For Extreme Hot Applications

When you want a longer-lasting conveyor belt for extreme hot applications, the choice is Goodyear Engineered Products branded Solar-Shield® belting. And for more demanding heat applications, the clear choice is new Solar-Shield XL750 conveyor belting.

Like all Goodyear Engineered Products branded heat belts, Solar-Shield XL750 is offered with polyester/nylon, nylon/nylon, fiberglass fabric and Flexsteel® reinforcements. It offers high performance in extreme hot material applications. The fiberglass option offers the highest degree of burn-through resistance of any current available fabric reinforcement.

Solar-Shield XL750 conveyor belting offers longer life in 400°F (204°C) applications and provides excellent performance at higher temperatures of up to 750°F (398°C).

With Solar-Shield XL750 conveyor belting, you’ll get the confidence to run at higher temperatures, longer life in standard heat applications and less downtime.

High Heat Applications & Current 400°F Applications

  • Cement Clinker
  • Coke Plants
  • Hot Powdery Materials
  • Sintered Ore
  • Steel Mills
  • Taconite Pellets

What is the XL in Solar-Shield XL750?

• XL = eXtreme Longevity

Why buy XL750?

  • Increased temperature capability of up to 750°F – Provides over 85% higher temperature capability versus Solar-Shield 400
  • Increased belt life in typical hot belt applications where Solar-Shield is used – Provides up to 25% increase in life versus Solar-Shield 400

Heat-resistant cover that resists cracking and hardening.

Solar-Shield belting performs over the long run, retaining its flexibility despite punishing conditions and loads. Less cracking and hardening translates into longer life and reduced replacement costs.

High-temperature resistance to tearing and abrasion.

Load after load, Solar-Shield stands up to prolonged exposure. This reduced maintenance and downtime helps lower overall operating costs.

Innovative Solar-Shield cover compounds.

Solar-Shield provides superior performance under extreme heat conditions. The Solar-Shield compounds retain their heat-resistant qualities after prolonged exposure to hot loads from 400°-750°F (204°-398°C).

Synthetic carcass construction.

Solar-Shield’s synthetic carcass provides great dimensional stability and strength at high temperatures and operating tensions up to 1200 PIW.

Solar-Shield carcass with fiberglass reinforcement.

Fiberglass reinforcement throughout all plies of the carcass provides maximum protection when temperatures are not constant. The carcass stands up to “hot shots,” resisting burn-through up to 1000°F (537°C).


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