Goodyear’s New Conquest

Goodyear’s New Conquest

Goodyear has introduced Conquest 400/1, another rugged conveying belt product to provide their customers with a lower cost per ton of material conveyed.

This lab-tested and field-proven tough belting material has only one ply – but there are at least four good reasons to use it:

  1. Abuse Resistance: Conquest 400/1 has excellent resistance to impact, rip and tear. Conquest’s ability to handle abuse translates into greater system uptime and, ultimately, a lower cost per ton conveyed.
  2. Splice Integrity: Conquest 400/1 has excellent splice retention and excellent mechanical fastener retention properties.
  3. Flexibility: Conquest 400/1 offers a high degree of flexibility. It requires smaller pulleys than straight-warp and multi-ply constructions. Smaller pulley requirements equate to lower overall system costs.
  4. Resistance to Edge Fray: The Triple-Warp fabric has excellent resistance to edge fray compared to straight-warp products. Edge fray can lead to frozen idlers which results in increased maintenance costs. Triple-Warp fabric helps to eliminate this problem, thus contributing to a lower system maintenance requirement.

Goodyear’s Conquest single ply 400 joins the Conquest family that currently includes the Conquest 600/3 and Conquest 800/3 constructions. The belting uses Goodyear Engineered Products’ patented Triple-Warp fabric in combination with their premium cover compounds to provide another solution for abusive conveyor belt applications.

Conquest 400/1 is designed for high abuse applications: scrap and recycling, aggregate, hard rock mining, construction and demolition debris, ship unloaders and wood/pulp and paper applications.

To learn more about Goodyear Conquest 400/1 or Conquest 600/3 and Conquest 800/3 – or any of Goodyear’s full range of conveyor belting products, contact your IBT sales rep or write to us.


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