IBT is Your One-Stop Shop for Grain Handling Equipment

IBT is Your One-Stop Shop for Grain Handling Equipment

With the current grain shortage in the industry, our knowledgeable professionals at IBT Industrial Solutions understand the importance of avoiding downtime to maximize your output. That’s why we’re proud to say that we are fully stocked with the grain handling equipment you need to ensure your grain processing runs smoothly during such high demands. But when you partner with IBT, we believe in providing so much more than just top-quality products from the brands you can trust, we’re also committed to delivering unparalleled services that will set your system up for success.

Stock-Up on the Grain Handling Equipment You Need

To help you reduce downtime, increase productivity, and improve performance, IBT’s shop is stocked with all the essentials you need for grain processing. With an emphasis on quality, these industry-specific products will provide you with the ultimate peace of mind:

Belting: We provide a wide array of static-conductive, oil-resistant, and fire-retardant belts that are rated for internal grain elevator and grain conveying applications.

Gearboxes: We have a range of gearboxes that are well suited for industrial grain solutions and can withstand the harshest of demands and environments.

Motors: We carry a selection of explosion-proof and TEFC motors that can meet demanding requirements and minimize damages and accidents in a grain environment.

Ceramic Chute Liners: We provide abrasion-resistant ceramic linings that provide the ultimate protection for material flow with extremely low permeability. Grain Handling Equipment: Elevator Buckets

Elevator Buckets: We have buckets available in a variety of sizes, punching, and venting patterns for precise discharge and high-speed handling.

Run Preventative Maintenance for Your Grain Handling System

As a leading distributor of industrial grain handling equipment, IBT Industrial Solutions provides you with the highest-level of service support to help you optimize your grain handling system’s performance and avoid downtime. The dedicated professionals on our Grain Division team has a total of 65 years of combined service in the grain industry and has the expertise needed to help your grain business run safer, smoother, and more efficiently, including:

Vibration Analysis: With vibration analysis diagnostic equipment, our team of industrial maintenance professionals pinpoint vibration issues in rotating equipment. Running machine dynamics and performance, our team can help you identify misalignment, imbalance, and other critical issues that pose a threat to your grain processing.

Motion Amplification: Using the Iris M camera from RDI Technologies, our team ofMotion Amplification certified Motion Amplification experts can detect unseen problems like looseness, excessive misalignment, and structural weakness before a failure in machinery occurs and results in costly downtime during harvest season

Gearbox Repair: Disassembling an old gearbox or reducer, identifying its cause of failure, finding its needed parts, cleaning and reassembling it, then lubricating and testing it, and finally painting the casing – IBT’s Gear Shop gives old, broken, or non-functioning gearboxes and reducers a new lease on life. 

Full Belt Punch & Fabrication Capabilities: To ensure your grain conveyor belt isGrain Handling Equipment: Belt Punch prepped for installation, our IRPG team offers full belt punch and fabrication capabilities with an 84 in. automated hole punching machine.

Custom Services: In addition to our range of engineering, maintenance, and safety services, we also offer custom engineering programs and custom cut parts that are specifically designed for industrial grain solutions.

Partner with IBT for Your Industrial Grain Solutions

Our dedicated Grain Division at IBT is ready to help you keep your grain handling system perfectly in motion as we approach the harvest season! Contact us today to get a quote and discuss the solutions that we can provide to meet your unique needs.



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