Great and Getting Even Better

Great and Getting Even Better

More than 50 years ago, Dodge® (now Baldor) introduced the Torque Arm. At that time, the shaft mounted speed reducer established new standards of reliability. As a result, Torque Arm was highly successful, and is in use throughout the world.

Not willing to be satisfied, Dodge has improved and expanded on the original design and has reintroduced the product as Torque Arm IITM.

The redesign involved extensive field research, as Dodge engineers quizzed customers to determine how best to improve the product and provide the right specifications to meet the challenges of today’s needs and applications. After processing this information and developing plans for the new Torque Arm II, the engineers built prototypes and tested them extensively, under full load and real world conditions.

Testing was followed by tweaking of the product, which was then followed by more testing. Only when they were finished and fully satisfied did manufacturing of the new units begin.

As a result, Dodge now believes that they have improved a product that was already well-respected, well-accepted and extremely popular in US and world industry.

The new-generation Dodge Torque Arm II has been engineered throughout with features designed to improve performance, extend service life, and reduce or simplify maintenance.

The new Dodge Torque Arm II has impressive specifications:

  • Twelve new reducer sizes with modular accessories.
  • All reducers can be shaft mounted, screw conveyor, vertical and flange mounted.
  • HP through 400, and torque ratings through 500,000 lb. in.
  • Standard 5, 9, 15, 25 and up to 40: 1 gear ratios.
  • Nearly 300: 1 speed reduction with V belt drives.
  • Bushing bores 1 inch through 7 inch.
  • All new highly efficient helical gearing design.
  • Meets or exceeds AGMA standards including 5,000 hour L-10 bearing life, 25,000 average life.
  • Smooth, rugged class 30 cast iron housings with pry slots.
  • New 36 month – 18 month warranty protection.

Other new aspects that have been introduced with Torque Arm II include: all-new backstop concept; new patent pending sealing system; totally new steel motor mount system; state-of-the- art, totally modular design with an expanded ratio range to 40:1 and a new patented twin tapered bushing system.

Efficient engineering and solid design give Torque Arm II another advantage. Its increased ratings are comparable to the next larger sized TXT reducer. This is the result of the extended gear centers, wider gear faces, and optimized tooth geometry. The new backstop design features centrifugal lift-off sprags for extended life and can be used with lubricants containing EP additives.

In addition, the new Torque Arm II line has a patent pending, premium sealing system that uses a standard double-lip, spring-loaded, rubber-coated oil seal protected by a metal excluder seal with rubbing lip. The totally new steel motor mount adjusts to multiple center distances and mounts in shaft mount and screw conveyor positions. The new twin tapered bushing system in standard length, short shaft, and metric versions offers all the features of a standard twin tapered Torque Arm bushing design (unique to Dodge). A new patented insertable tapered wedge allows the optional extended tapered bushing to mount on shorter shaft lengths.

Each size and ratio for each generation prototype was subjected to rigorous mechanical, structural, and thermal testing, and all models were evaluated for design optimization, structural strength, and stress and deflection. The prototypes were also used to perform manufacturing capability studies to verify that the design tolerances could be maintained under manufacturing conditions.

Dodge Torque-Arm Shaft Mount Reducers can be mounted horizontally or vertically, flange mounted or mounted for a screw conveyor drive reducer. Other modifications are available.

Torque Arm II is a helical gear reducer that mounts directly to the driven shaft with a number of accessories available to produce versatility, cost savings and long life. Modular Accessories include: standard twin-tapered bushing system; short-shaft twin tapered bushing kits; modular motor mount; backstop option; TA rod kit; CEMA bolt-on adapter; adjustable packaging adapter kit; screw conveyor drive shafts and bolt-on belt guard package. Other accessories include cooling fans and vertical breather kits.

Market reaction to the new Dodge Torque Arm II has been universally positive. From its introduction to industry, customer reaction has clearly indicated that this new generation speed reducer line will be a proud successor to the original Dodge Torque Arm.


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