Ingersoll Rand Hoists Help To Prevent Expensive Back Injuries

Ingersoll Rand Hoists Help To Prevent Expensive Back Injuries

Hoists are a great way to prevent back injuries—especially in situations where operators should not lift more than 35 lbs.  By using a hook-mounted or trolley-mounted hoist, workers can safely lift anything from 1 lb. to 8,000 lbs.—or more.  They are ideal for heavy lifting applications, and can be used to lift, pull, position, tension, or rig a load.

And at only $200-$10,000, a manual hoist can pay for itself by preventing even one injury.  “A single back injury can result in a $100K claim,” said Jon Jay, a Distribution Sales Manager for Tools and Material Handling Products at Ingersoll Rand Industrial Technologies.  “These types of injuries can always be avoided.  A safe work environment is always on the minds of an ergonomics, health, or safety manager.”

Benefits of Manual Hoists

Ingersoll Rand Hoists are used in a wide variety of industrial operations to increase productivity and reduce injuries.  Ingersoll Rand produces several hoist lines—including manual, air chain, and electric—and they are used at manufacturing plants, warehouses, foundries, aircraft plants, and automobile assembly lines across the globe.

“Almost every plant uses some form of hoist to move heavy items,” Jay said.  “It’s a question of ergonomics and what’s best for the operator.”

All of Ingersoll Rand’s manual hoists are designed to ASME and ANSI specifications, and have brakes and auto shut-off capability for additional safety.

“It’s the best-quality product that a customer can buy today that’s made in America,” Jay said.  “A high-quality hoist line that holds up well in harsh environments, like a foundry.”

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Additional Features Available

Ingersoll Rand Hoists come with a wide variety of features for added safety and convenience, depending on the operating environment and conditions.  Additional features include:

  • Feathering capability—allows the load to “creep” up and down slowly, instead of “slamming” up and down
  • Coated chain/spark resistance—prevents static electricity buildup and corrosion
  • Tractor drive—a motor pulls the load, so the operator doesn’t have to do it

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Types of Hoists

Operators are not limited to manual hoists.  Depending on your application, Ingersoll Rand produces several types of hoists—as well as portable air winches, trolleys, and beam clamps.  Their complete product line includes:

  • Wire rope and strap pullers—up to 4,000 lb. capacity
  • Manual chain hoists—up to 20 metric tons
  • Lever chain hoists—up to 6 metric tons
  • Air chain hoists—up to 6 metric tons
  • Electric chain hoists—up to 24 U.S. tons

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More About Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand produces a wide variety of products that are designed to increase industrial productivity and efficiency—including complete compressed air systems, tools and pumps, material handling systems, and fluid handling systems.  The $14 billion global business encompasses a large family of recognizable brands, including Thermo King, Trane, Club Car, and Schlage.

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