Hook Up With Diamond Chain

Hook Up With Diamond Chain

There are hundreds of uses for roller chain but some of the most interesting are those utilizing attachments.

Diamond Chain, a leading IBT supplier, offers a wide variety of attachment chain sizes and configurations. Many of the “standard attachments” are covered by Diamond’s 48-Hour (Code Blue) or 5-Day Intensive Care Shipping Programs. In addition to the standard designs, special arrangements can be made for a wide variety of custom attachments as well.

Standard Attachment Roller Chains, including both Single-Pitch and Double-Pitch chains, are available with attachment link plates (bent or straight) or extended pins. These “standard attachments” are available in virtually any combination you can dream up.

Diamond’s attachments have hole sizes that are specifically designed to accommodate most common screws, but are heat treated to permit further operations by the user such as drilling, reaming, and tapping if required.

Extended pins, made from medium carbon steel, are specially heat treated for ductility and toughness and can be easily assembled at almost any spacing. It is important to note that if pairs of extended pins are specified, they must be located in a common pin link (outer link). In some applications, this may require the use of an offset link in the cycle.

Diamond does not recommend using “shouldered pins” as they are generally expensive to manufacture and can often compromise quality due to high stress concentrations at the point where diameters change. Additions of sleeves or bearings on the extended pins will often yield a more reliable design and at a lower cost.

If you need a specialty or made-to-order attachment, Diamond can help. Their application and design engineers are involved in custom orders from the very beginning. They review the application, propose solutions and then monitor the chain throughout its fabrication and production. They’ll even advise you of any special considerations and maintenance procedures to insure your custom chain has a long useful life. Once the initial design is complete, the chain can be easily reordered in the future, as all the design specifications are kept on file for immediate access.

At Diamond, the Difference Is Quality, a quality built into every link of chain manufactured.

Diamond Chain utilizes special precision machinery to assemble each of the components into finished chain. This precision assembly capability, coupled with thorough product inspection, assures the consistency and uniformity that customers have come to expect in Diamond roller chain. Following assembly, the Diamond Difference continues as chains are preloaded, or “prestressed.” The preloading operation firmly seats the pins and bushings in place and reduces the initial run-in, which lower quality chains may experience soon after start-up. Qualified inspectors, both during the assembly process and before leaving the assembly department inspect Diamond chains. These inspections include: pin and bushing press-out forces, assembled chain tensile strength, and length tolerance. THE DIAMOND DIFFERENCE IS QUALITY.

To find out more about Diamond Chain – either with or without attachments, contact your IBT sales rep or email us.



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