How to Choose the Right Timken Housed Unit Bearing

How to Choose the Right Timken Housed Unit Bearing

Even the strongest bearing can be damaged by dirt or moisture that gets into tiny spaces between the rolling elements and raceways. Once inside, these small contaminants can generate friction that can damage bearings, causing them to grind to a stop. Timken ball-bearing housed units provide additional layers of protection for products that must perform in challenging environments.

“Customers know precision roller bearings need to be protected, particularly when they operate in dirty, moist, or contaminated environments,” said Jason Sejkora, principal sales engineer at Timken. “But, with so many choices available today, customers may find it challenging to select the best option. That requires a thorough understanding of the application and how the housing, seals, and locks work with specific bearing types.”

These units are constructed from robust materials like steel or cast iron to keep contaminants out. These barriers can also prevent lubricant leakage and external, ensuring that your bearings are corrosion-resistant. Enhance your equipment’s performance by having these protective units installed.

Choosing a Bearing Housing Unit for Your Application

Before purchasing a housing unit, it’s essential to make sure you know what style and size your bearings are. You need to take note of how your equipment is constructed and how it works so you can choose the proper unit and safely integrate it into your system.

When choosing a housing-bearing unit, consider these three things:

  • Identify the Type of Bearing: For example, tapered and spherical roller bearings need different housings.
  • Understand the Working Environment and Application: You’ll want to choose the right combination of housing, seal, and locking configuration for the specific conditions.
  • Get the Exact Dimensions: You’ll need the exact dimensions of the shaft and space available to install the housing.

Know Your Application

You probably already know process equipment and bulk material handling need housed units that can stand up to contamination and misalignment issues. But there are other important factors to consider:

  • Access Challenges: SNT/SAF plummer split-block units shine when space is tight. Bolt down the base first, then easily slip in the bearing and cap. Perfect for cramped or hard-to-reach locations.
  • Shock and Heavy Contamination: For brutal environments, consider a spherical roller-bearing solid-block unit. Its fortress-like housing with customizable seals shields your bearing from dust, dirt, and punishing impacts.
  • Axial and Heavy Loads: Tapered roller bearing housed units conquer combined axial and radial forces. These workhorses excel in applications like conveyors and crushers where bearings bear the brunt.
  • High Speeds and Light Loads: For applications like fans and pumps, where speed reigns supreme, ball-bearing housed units deliver. Their smooth operation and low friction excel in light-load, high-speed environments.

These are just a few solutions that Timken’s housed-bearing units can provide. If you have specific concerns, consult our experts.

Timken Housed Unit Catalog

Take a look at Timken’s various housed-bearing units and find the right model for your system’s needs.

SNT/SAF Plummer Blocks

Provide excellent bearing protection with cast-iron housings and a variety of sealing options to help keep grease in and other types of contamination out. Split blocks combine high-performance spherical roller bearings with strong housings to meet the challenges of the heavy industry while simplifying assembly and service.

Features of SNT/SAF plummer blocks include:

  • Easy-to-remove cap for bearing inspection
  • Housings may be re-used when worn bearings are replaced
  • Easy to convert the bearing from fixed to float position during installation

Solid-Block Spherical Roller Bearing Housed Units

Made from rugged cast steel, they are tough enough to handle extremely harsh conditions and offer protection from contaminants, particularly when used with the many advanced primary and secondary seal options available. Steel auxiliary covers are also available to create another layer of protection from harsh conditions.

Features of a solid-block spherical roller bearing housed unit include:

  • Quicker installation time than split-block housings
  • One-time shaft alignment
  • Multiple housing styles, locking configurations, and seal options

Type E Tapered Roller Bearing Housed Units

Provide excellent performance with a significantly longer life. This roller-bearing housed unit also includes optimized double-lip seals, corrosion-resistant housings, and powerful locking collars.

Other features and benefits include:

  • Quicker installation time than split-block housings
  • Increased useful bearing life and load capacities
  • The double-lip seal helps protect against contamination

Ball Bearing Housed Units

There is a wide variety of roller-bearing housed unit types and sizes to accommodate a complete range of industrial applications and operating conditions.

Benefits can include:

  • Easy removal and simple replacement
  • Multiple sealing options are available

Take the time to investigate the application and available options, then enjoy the benefits of improved productivity and uptime. Particularly in rugged conditions, an investment in strong housings, seals, and locking configurations will help keep your equipment running for a long time.

If you need assistance purchasing the right Timken-bearing housing unit for your equipment, contact us at IBT for our expert assistance.


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