How-To Safeguard Your Facility: A COVID-19 Industrial Strategy

How-To Safeguard Your Facility: A COVID-19 Industrial Strategy

Navigating a new normal

Navigating this new normal as we cope with the COVID-19 virus, can be in all honesty, a bit scary and uncertain at times. Both personally and in the workplace. Yet we don’t really get the time for fear or faltering though, not at this moment. It’s too important. No. Now is a time for action. We need to hunker down, stay focused, and keep our eye on the prize. And that’s what IBT is going to help you do. 

IBT is helping you to stay focused on what we each can do, and the next right thing. Right now, the next right thing is social distancing, and for many businesses, this is a confusing topic to navigate.

What can I do right now to safeguard my facility? 

So we’re breaking down some simple how to’s, that you can take action on now, to safeguard your facilities, workers and customers. 

By now, most of us know the CDC’s recommendations to social distance, wear masks when in public, avoid touching your face, and regularly wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds. Beyond these steps, here are some important things to consider that will help safeguard your facility. 


  • First, assess your facility or work site. You will likely want to focus on entrances, exits, lunchrooms, restrooms, and other high traffic areas.
  • Review where you may need to provide signs, bulk hand sanitizer, barricades, cones, or other traffic indicators to help adhere to the 6 foot distancing guidelines. 
  • Consider how you will communicate with your staff during this time.
  • Evaluate your cleaning procedures
  • Review what resources are in place, available and needed

air filter covid-19Clear the air

With clean air showing a proven record to tame other viruses like Tuberculosis and the Flu in our past, many have speculated that increased airflow and fresh air especially, can help deter the virus. A recent study from Harvard University also just showed us the first real link between COVID-19 mortality rate and air pollution.  With this in mind keeping a good clean airflow in your facilities could prove to be an essential step in safeguarding your facility and worker. 

  • Check your air filters – do they need replacing? According to the National Air Filtration Association, “Facility managers should always look to air filtration and cleaning as the best way to protect the health and safety of the occupants in a facility by removing contaminants from the air.”
  • Do you use a HEPA filter?  Great! IBT stocks HEPA, HVAC, and a wide array of industrial filter and ventilation products. HEPA filters are shown to be 99.97% efficient and can filter particles below .1 microns. 
  • Open the windows. Data is showing that indoors and especially air-conditioned environments, are more likely to transmit the virus. So, clear the air on these beautiful spring days
  • Continue social distancing. This will inherently reduce the respiratory droplets in the air and their ability to settle.

Safeguarding and keeping your distance

Continuing to social distance is vital for preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus. The CDC has directed us to social distance so that we reduce the respiratory droplets in the air, their chance to settle, and then spread the virus. In other words, we want to nip this in the bud! To do that, we all need to make a conscious effort. For a business that can be difficult, so here are a few tools we like that can help you communicate and keep business on track while still socially distancing. 

Control traffic

  • Control the traffic at your facility and/or worksite to ensure that workers adhere to the six-foot social distancing minimum. 
  • Traffic cones or standard barricades can help direct traffic flow for customers who may be picking up orders, or for increased flow of delivery trucks. 
  • If an employee does have a confirmed case, be sure to block and barricade this area while you disinfect and follow the appropriate protocol. 


Communicating in a united way is critical for business operations to continue at this time.  

  • coronavirus communication toolsTwo-way radios can help keep you stay connected on-site while maintaining your distance and safeguarding your staff. IBT offers the best brands and products to keep you connected and business running. 
  • Signs can be a useful tool to help direct customers and staff and guide them through new procedures you’re likely implementing. IBT can help you create a custom sign to communicate to workers or customers these important operational procedures.
  • Allow positions and roles that can work remotely, to do so. In this time, there are lots of free options and resources to help ensure you can get the job done and support them while working from a distance. 


  • Do you have a professional cleaning service? If so, be sure to discuss with them the CDC recommended disinfectants and ensure they’re using appropriate measures to disinfect your workspace. 
  • If you do not have a cleaning service, be sure you are using the CDC guidelines to clean your facility with appropriate disinfectants to clean workspaces, lunchrooms, doorknobs, phones, desks, and other high touch items. 
  • Create a schedule, a list of appropriate cleaners, and decide who will be responsible for additional cleaning measures needed for your unique application and situation at each shift.

This is a bit of an odd time for all us all to be navigating through. While we can’t be sure what tomorrow brings, we can focus on what we can do right now. We need to remain focused on maintaining essential operations to support our community.  We are likely all adapting our operations in some form, and IBT is here to help support you in any way we can in making that just a bit easier.

We all have a lot on our plate right now. Let us know how we can help and what we can do to make it easier for you. 

Stay safe & take care! 



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