Hub City & IBT Launch “Assembled On Demand” Gearbox Program

Hub City & IBT Launch “Assembled On Demand” Gearbox Program

In what is the first Hub City High Efficiency gearbox assembly facility that is not company owned and operated, Hub City of Aberdeen, South Dakota (a Regal-Beloit Company) and IBT of Merriam, Kansas, have started a joint program. IBT’s Gear Shop is now assembling Hub City’s Poweratio® 2000 and 4000 High Efficiency Helical Drives on a custom, quick turnaround basis.

“We are very excited about the potential of this new program,” Hub City General Manager Jim Campbell observes. “It enables Hub City as a manufacturer and IBT as a distributor to improve the speed of our response to customer orders. With this program, the customer gets their needed High Efficiency Helical Drives in the shortest time possible.”

Products to be assembled include: Poweratio® 2000 High Efficiency Helical-Bevel and Helical-Worm Gear Drives and Poweratio® 4000 High Efficiency Helical In-Line Drives.

“With IBT’s existing prowess in repairing gearboxes, we have a significant amount of knowledge and experience on tap,” Engineering Services Manager Bruce Loyd reports. “Assembling new Hub City helical drives is pretty straightforward, compared to the issues we face when restoring damaged units. Our technicians are enthusiastically looking forward to working on the Hub City assembly program.”

“The Hub City High Efficiency Helical Drives are truly outstanding and superior products,” IBT Gearing Manager Tim Zerger adds. “The assemble-to-order program allows us to provide in-depth coverage of these critical products without having to over-commit shelf space or inventory dollars. The modular engineering makes it very practical for us to be true specialists in stocking and applying these units. Hub City innovation in connection with IBT’s technical strength has produced a sure winner.”

The program has been created to take advantage of the modular engineering of the Poweratio 2000 and 4000 lines. IBT will take pre-assembled input and output sub-assemblies – consisting of gears, pinions, shafts, bearings and casings – and combine them in ways that will customize the ratios and ratings of the gearboxes.

IBT will then complete the assembly process, test the gearbox, paint it and lubricate it and, finally, ready it for shipment.

IBT will operate in a high-service mode, offering much shorter turn around time than on orders from Aberdeen. Under urgent circumstances, gearboxes can be given expedited service for especially quick shipment.

To get the program underway, IBT had its trained and experienced gearshop specialists work with Hub City’s engineers and technicians. The IBT people were thoroughly trained and certified by Hub City. As a result, gearboxes assembled at IBT will have all the quality, technical excellence and warranty protection offered on products assembled within the walls of Hub City. There will be no difference in the products.

The assembly program involves approximately 100 basic units but they can be configured into “thousands” of variations, depending on final assembly steps and components.

IBT and Hub City have entered into the program to enable IBT to provide improved service to its gearbox customers. With the variations of sizes and specifications involved in the Poweratio 2000 and 4000 lines, it is difficult for either the manufacturer or any distributor to have full inventory coverage on its shelves. Assembly to order solves that problem easily.

Now, for smaller order quantities, IBT is ready to supply even quicker service and shorter order turnaround time than they usually do. Customers needing these products urgently can order with the assurance that they will receive their gearboxes in the shortest possible time frame.

According to IBT VP Marketing Jerry Hayes, “IBT has long concentrated on giving our customers the best products and the best service. The Hub City/IBT Assembled On Demand program means we have highly advanced helical drives for a multitude of applications, and can ship in an extremely responsive fashion. It is good for Hub City. It is good for IBT. And, most importantly, it is good for our customers.”

IBT is an industrial distributor headquartered in Merriam, Kansas, established in 1949. The company has fifty branches covering ten central states.

In addition to gearboxes and other power transmission products, IBT distributes electric motors and drives, industrial rubber products, material handling products, including integrated robotic systems, a full line of safety products, fluid power products and an extensive range of bearings. The company also provides industrial maintenance, engineering and media production services.

Hub City, Inc. has been a manufacturer of power transmission products for more than 100 years. The company, a subsidiary of Regal-Beloit Corporation, is based in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

Hub City provides power transmission products for use in packaging, recreation, transportation, military, construction, arts and entertainment, communication, material handling, medical and food processing equipment. Over 50% of Hub’s products are either modified or completely customized.


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