Hub City’s Green HERA Gearbox Translates Energy to Cost Savings

Hub City’s Green HERA Gearbox Translates Energy to Cost Savings

Worm gear reducers are mechanical drive train components used to reduce shaft speed and increase torque in thousands of industrial applications. Typical uses include conveyors, mixers, food processing equipment, hoists, augers, packaging equipment and many others.

Hub City’s high-efficiency gear reducer offers significant energy savings and bolt-in mounting provisions to replace industrial worm gearboxes

Although worm gearing offers an economical means of torque multiplication, it is naturally inefficient due to sliding friction between the gearing components. The extra power it takes to overcome friction is lost in the form of heat, severely degrading the operating efficiency of the gearbox. So, while inexpensive to purchase, they are very costly to operate.

The HERA (High-Efficiency Right Angle) gear reducer is a drop-in replacement for worm gearing that exhibits 90% operating efficiency, which means it converts power from an electric motor (high-speed, low-torque) into usable mechanical power (low-speed, high-torque) with only a 10% energy loss. This figure is staggering compared to traditional worm reducers which can rob a rotating system of up to 50% of its power. The bottom line is…The HERA gearbox can provide the same amount of work as worm gearing, with half the energy.

When paired with an electric motor, it actually allows the motor to work less while the HERA gearbox delivers more power. In many applications, the total energy requirement is reduced enough to permit motor down-sizing, which results in lower procurement costs and additional efficiency gains.

Energy savings from the HERA gearbox translates to immense cost savings over time

“This product is extremely versatile, and can save manufacturers hundreds of thousands of dollars over a year,” states Jim Campbell, Vice President/General Manager of Hub City, “This new technology pays for itself in no time.”

Energy losses are inherent in all powertrain systems. Each element in the system wastes at least a little bit of energy, the bulk of which is caused by friction. This lost energy manifests itself as heat and is of no value to the mechanical system. Efficiency losses are like leaks in a garden hose; the electrical controls leak some, the motor leaks some, the gearbox leaks some, bearings leak some… The challenge for the system designer or owner is to minimize these energy -leaks- in order to maximize the value of their operation. The HERA gearbox can reduce the gearbox component of these losses by as much as 80%!

Hub City, along with representatives from one of their distributors recently conducted an audit of a large beverage food processing company. The audit concluded that a plant-wide conversion from worm reducers to HERA would save approximately $300,000 in energy annually, and the cost of the conversion would be recouped in 4 months.



  • Up to 40% more efficient than standard worm gearing
  • Dimensionally interchangeable to up to 4 sizes of worm drives
  • Available with a variety of Marathon Premium Efficiency motors for even more energy savings (recommended)
  • Increased Torque Density and Efficiency allow for downsizing of units and motors
  • Filled with PAG460 premium synthetic lubricant for enhanced efficiency (Meets USDA H1)
  • Viton Double Lip Seals protect against leaks at higher temperatures
  • Longer life expectancy than that of standard worm gearing
  • Rapid payback – Up to $550 savings per year with each increment of motor hp


The HERA is available to the global market

To learn more about choosing the best worm gear reducer for your system, visit your local IBT Distribution Center for more information or contact Tim Zerger at (913) 261-2140.



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