Hub City Line Excels in Cleanliness

Hub City Line Excels in Cleanliness

Food and pharmaceutical manufacturers demand and expect the highest levels of hygiene in the production environment. When processing meat, poultry, produce, baking products, dairy products and pharmaceuticals, there can be no compromise.

Products used in these industries must be built to be clean, stay clean and come clean. That means they must be prepared to face harsh environments: piping hot water or steam; strong cleaning chemicals, heat – and close scrutiny.

The two keys to maintaining highly clean environments are design and materials.

Hub City has raised their commitment to the pharmaceutical, meat, poultry and produce processing industries and now provide advanced solutions for washdown environments.

They have introduced new products. These include stainless steel and composite thermoplastic mounted bearings and stainless steel or acrylic painted gear drives. Four levels of washdown protection make up the product offering.


CleanLine gear drives feature acrylic painted housings and stainless steel shafts. CleanLine mounted bearings feature powder coated housings with yellow zinc plated inserts.

  • CleanLine Plus
    CleanLine Plus gear drives feature aluminum Platinum PlusTM housings and stainless steel shafts. CleanLine Plus mounted bearings feature composite thermoplastic housings with stainless steel inserts.
  • CleanLine UltraPlus
    The CleanLine UltraPlus mounted bearings feature stainless steel housings and inserts.
  • CleanLine Pharmaceutical
    CleanLine Pharmaceutical gear drives and mounted bearings feature polished stainless steel housings in addition to superior sealing characteristics.

In the CleanLine UltraPlus and CleanLine Pharmaceutical products, Hub City features stainless steel design drives and bearings. These units go beyond basic corrosion resistance and provide an ideal surface – machined to be unobstructed. The exterior is free of ribs, undercuts and protrusions. Surfaces self drain and do not entrap soil, foreign material or contain areas that support the breeding of bacteria, fungi, mold and or other microorganisms. All exterior surfaces are smooth and easily cleaned – allowing for cleaning in place or manual cleaning processes.

These drives are available in four sizes of worm gear reducers and three models of bevel gear drives.

Hub City designed these products after receiving design input from a number of major food, meat, produce, and pharmaceutical processors. They paid special attention to “Hygiene requirements for the design of meat and poultry processing equipment,” NSF/ANSI/3-A 14159-1-2002.

Combined with Hub City’s years of design and application experience in these industries, this information provides a drive that specifically meets the requirements of the processing industries and FDA/USDA/NSF National Sanitation Requirements.

Stainless steel Hub 3TM gear drives, manufactured with 316 stainless steel housings and shafting, provide superior corrosion resistance to most types of chemical corrosives and wash down chemicals. The exterior stainless steel surface texture is 70 microinches R a.

Stainless steel Hub 3TM gear drives utilize non-vented housings with high-pressure seals designed to be easily cleaned, expel and exclude foreign material and are resistant to ingestion of liquids during pressurized wash down. The seal material is non-absorbent and capable of withstanding elevated operating temperatures.

Stainless steel Hub 3TM gear drives are factory lubricated, for the application service life of the unit, with food-grade lubricant conforming to the demands of USDA H1 regulations. The ingredients used in the formulation of this lubricant are on the FDA list of allowable substances, as specified in the Guidelines of Security CFR 212, section 178.3570.

Stainless steel Hub 3TM gear drives are supported by industry-identified accessories. These accessories increase functionality, reduce bacteria and microorganism growth, and enhance ease of cleaning. Accessories include:

  • Clearance Spacers
  • Shaft Protectors
  • Hollow Bore Output Sleeve Protectors
  • Universal Base Kits
  • Torque Arm Brackets
  • “C” Flange Adaptor Kits

Hub City stainless steel Hub 3TM gear drives are part of the Hub City “Rebuild for Life Longevity Program.” This program ensures that the customer is only required to purchase the stainless steel gear drive one time. When the unit has reached its service life it can be returned to the factory and refurbished for the current cost of a similar sized cast iron drive. The refurbished unit carries the same factory warranty as a new unit.


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