Hydraulic Seals from RT Dygert Ideal for MRO and OEM Applications

Hydraulic Seals from RT Dygert Ideal for MRO and OEM Applications

A full line of RT Dygert hydraulic seals, parts, and accessories are now available at IBT Industrial Solutions—including rod seals, piston seals, wipers, wear guides, and seal kits.

“We are very excited about this partnership,” said Brent Hanson, the Business Group Director of Fluid Power for IBT Industrial Solutions. “RT Dygert brings a comprehensive line of fluid power seal solutions to our MRO and OEM customers.”

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RT Dygert Hydraulic Seal Products

RT Dygert offers a wide selection of hydraulic seal options for both MRO and OEM applications—with a large inventory of parts.

“We offer hundreds of standard hydraulic seal options, from the basic O-ring, to the quad ring, to loaded U-cups,” said Wayne Blair, the Central States Regional Manager at RT Dygert. Their standard line includes:

  • O-rings
  • Cylinder seals
  • Wiper seals
  • Buffer seals
  • Shaft and piston seals
  • Wear guides
  • Seal kits

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Hi-Quality Custom Molding

RT Dygert also offers custom molded rubber and plastic components—ideal for OEMs who need the perfect fit.

“50% of our business is now custom rubber and plastics molding,” said Blair. “It could be for a handle, a pedal, a switch—almost anything.”

Blair added that their products are used in almost every industry in the world, including food, dairy, automotive, fuel, and more. “We have a comprehensive quality laboratory, and can comply with just about any quality requirement you might have—whether it’s UL, 3A Dairy, USDA, NSF, or FDA. We’re also fully versed on PPAP requirements and most compliance programs,” he said.

RT Dygert Corrects Leaking Cylinder at Packaging Company

A high-profile packaging company had a leaking cylinder shaft seal that was causing a recurring operational issue and safety concern.

RT Dygert worked with IBT to analyze the failure. After reviewing the situation and the seals in use, they determined that the long stroke of the cylinder—combined with a misalignment of the cylinder mount—created a severe side loading problem. This caused deformation of the existing wiper and rod seals and allowed contamination to enter the cylinder.

They determined that the existing cylinder seals were not designed to accommodate side load conditions. “Our solution was to replace the cylinder shaft seal with a design that gives the customer superior sealing properties and side load capabilities,” Blair said. “It fits into the existing seal grooves, so it’s a simple, fast, permanent seal solution.”

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About RT Dygert

RT Dygert has been providing quality sealing solutions to a diverse group of industries for over 50 years. Since 1958, the company has been a world leader in the supply of O-rings, hydraulic seals, kits, custom-machined plastics, and custom-molded rubber products. They have partnered with IBT since 2013.

Looking for RT Dygert Hydraulic Seals?

Contact Brent Hanson, Business Group Director of Fluid Power for IBT Industrial Solutions, at (913) 261-2125 or bhanson@ibtinc.com.


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