Hytrol’s ABEZ Live Roller Conveyor Solves Build-Up of Line Pressure

Hytrol’s ABEZ Live Roller Conveyor Solves Build-Up of Line Pressure

The ABEZ is a horizontal belt driven live roller conveyor that uses Hytrol‘s patented EZLogic® accumulation system to convey and accumulate loads up to 150 pounds per foot and as light as a few ounces.  It is designed for applications that require accumulation of products without a build-up of line pressure.

Features & Functions

The ABEZ with EZLogic combines the sensing accuracy of photo-electronics with discrete electronic logic control without the use of a PLC or pneumatic logic components.  ABEZ with EZLogic has many features that which greatly increase the function and various applications for a zero pressure accumulating conveyor, including:

  • Dynamic zone allocation
  • Cascaded slug release
  • Loading zone
  • Indexing/counting zone stop
  • Accumulation delay timer
  • Cloning of zone functions
  • Zone kill

Programming Functions

These functions can be programmed into the EZLogic using a push button programmer or a programming kit for a PC and PC adapter.  The ABEZ has standard brakes in each zone, and can be provided with full zone brakes or less brakes depending on the application.

The EZLogic design of ABEZ was released in 1997.  The EZLogic accumulation ABEZ is now using GEN3 which is the latest revision to the EZLogic controllers to include the many features listed above.

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How Companies Use It

The ABEZ can be used as zero pressure accumulation to feed all types of merges, packaging machinery, or palletizers.  Many companies use the ABEZ conveyor to accurately accumulate and convey their products.

Examples include:

  • Large warehouse distribution
  • Packaged food manufacturing and distribution
  • Liquor distribution
  • General manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Feed lines to robotic palletizers

Companies use the ABEZ conveyor to convey and accumulate their products between receiving and their storage racks.  They also use the ABEZ conveyor for personnel, placing the picked product on the line to be conveyed to shipping.

Minimal Maintenance, SafetyHytrol Conveyor

The ABEZ has a “sleep feature” which drops the drive belt away from the driven tread rollers after no product is seen by the EZLogic module for a set period of time.  The “sleep feature” decreases wear on the conveyor and uses less electricity since the motor is not pulling a full load.

The ABEZ saves time since it is designed to have minimal preventive maintenance.  The design also decreases downtime because electronic controls do not require the maintenance and adjustment that is always necessary with a mechanical zero pressure accumulating conveyor.

It is also designed for safety with chain guards, drive guards, snub idler guards, and punched frames for the rollers with belt guarding between the tread rollers as a safety guard.

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Now Available—Low Roller Design

The ABEZ is now available with a set low roller design with 8-1/2” deep side frames, with the top of the tread rollers 1-3/4” below the top of the frames.  This design eliminates the standard EZLogic and Reflector mounting channels which are normally shipped from Hytrol and mounted by the conveyor installer.

The set low design decreases installation time for the conveyor, since the EZLogic modules and reflectors are mounted to the conveyor frame when the conveyor is shipped from Hytrol.  The set low design also works well in picking aisles where the main line has side lanes on each side for the operators to place a carton or tote on while they are pulling orders.

Once they pull the order, they can push the carton or tote onto the center set low ABEZ conveyor to be conveyed to the next picking station or to shipping.  The set low design side channels also create a 1-3/4” tall guard rail on each side of the conveyor at the between rail width of the conveyor.

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