IBT Industrial Solutions Active in Industry

IBT Industrial Solutions Active in Industry

PTDA LogoAs part of a philosophy of “giving back to the community,” several IBT executives are continuing the company’s tradition of active engagement in professional and trade associations, especially in Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA). The company believes that this kind of involvement is good for the industry and beneficial for the customers.

IBT President/CEOÂ Steve Cloud served several terms as a director and was active on the educational resources committee. Currently, IBT Vice President of Operations, Larry Brand, serves as a director of PTDA. He is one of eleven distributor directors elected annually. Rex Davis, Vice President of Supply Chain, is active in committee work. Both men give strong testimony to the importance of the organization – and its benefits to IBT and the company’s customers.

“Through PTDA, we get to help the industry manage relations between suppliers and distributors. Some of the work done here has improved electronic communications protocols, so the ability to manage supply chain and inventory has been greatly improved. This is good for the manufacturer, good for the distributor and certainly good for the end user. It improves availability and in-stock status and helps manage distribution costs,” Brand says.

“In addition,” Davis adds, “industry best practices studies help bring the state of the art of distribution management to all members, regardless of size or sophistication. IBT created one on surplus inventory in 2006. What makes us all smarter definitely makes the distribution channel work more effectively.”

In recent times, PTDA has begun to look across product lines to learn from what other types of distribution networks are doing. “With benchmarking studies of other industries,” Brand notes, “industrial distributors are able to take advantage of the collective advancement and learning. People like Wal-Mart are, in many ways, in a different business than we are. But what they have accomplished in managing their logistics and distribution is something that all businesses can potentially learn from. And Wal-Mart is only one notable example of how this broader perspective – facilitated through PTDA – helps our industry.”

Davis continues: “The idea of continuous improvement has been a business mantra for some time. In distribution, especially at IBT, we try and walk the walk. Our peer group distributors in PTDA – and the organization’s activities – give us a chance to look at new ways to think about what we do. This helps us increase productivity, improve effectiveness and operate more efficiently. Based on what our customers have told us, they see how our improvements in what we do can make their lives easier, too.”

In addition to PTDA, IBT is active in other organizations, including:

BSA Bearing Specialists Association
NAHAD The Association for Hose and Accessory Distributors
MHEDA The Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association
FPDA Fluid Power Distributor Association
NIBA The Belting Association
MCAI Media Communications Association – International
FEI Financial Executives International
AEA Aircraft Electronics Association
MARPA Modification and Replacement Parts Association
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers


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