IBT Adds Siemens Construction Products Line

IBT Adds Siemens Construction Products Line

Siemens & IBTIBT, a long-time distributor of many Siemens industrial and automation products, is pleased to announce the addition of Siemens Electrical Construction & Residential Electrical Product Line to its Western Kansas sales territory product mix. The expanded coverage includes Siemens electrical products for industrial, commercial, institutional and residential construction projects.

Image courtesy of SiemensThe newly added product lines consist of components used in a wide variety of building projects and upgrades. These products are used for metering and monitoring, load management, electrical distribution, surge protection, standby power and switching. Common product categories are Load Centers, Circuit Breakers, Safety Switches, Switchgear and Motor Control Centers (MCC).

“We are very pleased to increase our market presence with Siemens, Jon Prince, Business Group Director of Electrical Products, reports. “The range and breadth of their products, backed up by the commercial strength and size of Siemens, creates an opportunity to enter a market with instant name recognition. We have already identified a number of prospective customers who specialize in the construction market and buy components regularly. Additionally, any new customers will also be able draw on the entire range of IBT’s suppliers – making this a truly positive relationship. We are ready to launch our new Siemens construction products package and believe the marketplace will be very receptive to IBT.”

One of the advantages that Siemens products offer to IBT customers is increased productivity through reduced installation time.

Image courtesy of SiemensIn addition to its broad use in new construction, the Siemens line also has great potential in retrofitting and updating existing facilities. More and more, managers are looking at internal electrical infrastructure and seeing opportunities to upgrade, improve, reengineer and/or modernize – with the intent of lowering energy usage and employing load-shedding technologies.

“Yesterday’s answers may not work with today’s realities,” Prince notes. “Energy savings – as well as improved load engineering and safety – can mandate a need for new and improved components. OSHA and fire prevention codes also encourage a proactive approach.

“Siemens – and IBT – are ready to help out. Not just with products, but also with knowledge and engineering support that can help our customers make the right choices and move forward at the right cost.

“We are eager to work with our customers and prospects in helping develop answers to electrical power questions at their facilities.”

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