IBT’s Business Culture Rooted in Tradition

IBT’s Business Culture Rooted in Tradition

Jeff Cloud, IBT’s President & CEO, was a guest on Joel Goldberg’s Rounding the Bases podcast. The topic was Business Culture and how IBT maintains the decades-long tradition of supporting and empowering employees to help push IBT into the future.

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IBT continues to lean on its 70+ years of experience in industrial distribution but adapts based on customer needs. They are currently adding new technologies to enhance their ability to solve customer problems. Jeff Cloud knows that IBT has a lot of traditional customers within its marketplace. IBT wants to make sure not to overlook those customers that still expect a certain type of local touch and engagement. Jeff states that IBT must be able to adapt to meet the needs of those customers who expect to do business digitally. Whether customers interact with IBT electronically or through the local branch, the objective is to use the most current technologies to maintain and strengthen IBT’s ability to solve problems.


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