IBT Expands Online Industrial Training, Stratus Learning, with Hundreds of New Courses & Unique Learning Plans

IBT Expands Online Industrial Training, Stratus Learning, with Hundreds of New Courses & Unique Learning Plans

Since 1968, IBT Industrial Solutions has served as an industry leader in providing industrial training for individuals one-on-one, as well as entire teams. Now, with Stratus Learning’s latest course expansion, we’re able to offer a variety of online training programs for industrial professionals across multiple disciplines.

Whether you’re an employer who is seeking training for your team, or an individual looking to expand your knowledge in the field, Stratus Learning has the learning material and structure to support your unique needs. Created by experts at IBT who have been in the business for decades, Stratus Learning’s new expansion sets up each and every individual to become a subject matter expert.

Now for a limited time, IBT is offering a 30-Day FREE trial for individual use or a 90-Day FREE trial for an organization with 10+ people! This special gives you full access to our entire online learning catalog with over 900 courses and 80 different learning plans. Interested in getting started? Activate your free trial by creating an account on Stratus Learning today.

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What’s Included in Stratus Learning’s New Expansion

Stratus Learning is designed to make industrial training work for individuals and teams of industrial professionals. That’s why, in addition new courses, we’ve also added new functionality that allows you to: Stratus Learning, an online industrial training program powered by IBT.

  • Choose from Over 900 Courses

Select from over 900 different courses related to leadership, professional skills, safety, and industrial maintenance. As our catalog grows, so does yours.

  • Access Power User Capabilities

Manage licenses, assign courses, upload personalized content, report on learner course completion, and view course progress.

  • Earn Course Certificates

Download course completion certificates for each lesson, take advantage of faster completion rates, and save your progress along the way.

  • Receive Personalized Course Recommendations

Get course recommendations and learning path based on your skills profile and courses you’ve previously engaged with. 

The Benefits of Online Industrial Training

With many senior technicians starting to retire and the industrial maintenance field seeing continued growth, online industrial training offers an accessible solution for providing education for workers new to the industry. Online learning for industrial training allows for flexibility in creating a learning schedule that works for you and your team. Online Industrial Training

“We used Stratus Learning for a team of 35 employees. The amount of detailed information in each course was incredibly helpful, and some of our guys have referred back to certain sections, even after completing courses,” said Jim R., Manufacturer.

Just as many people have different learning styles, they also work at different paces. Online learning for industrial training makes it easy to work at your own pace, go back to review information in each course, and test your knowledge in real time. Plus, once you’ve finished a course on Stratus Learning, you can still access the information.

“IBT’s online training solution was created by our very own certified learning and development professionals. The courses not only contain cutting-edge knowledge but were designed specifically to connect with all different learning styles,” said Carin Sampson, IBT’s Vice President of Human Resources & Marketing.

Online industrial training also makes it easier for your company’s schedule, as it’s not always feasible to send multiple employees out at one time to attend training or miss several days of work. Not only can your team take these courses from anywhere, but they can also complete their course work in roughly half the time it would take in a more traditional learning program.

Take Advantage of 900+ Courses with Stratus Learning’s FREE Trial

Elevate your knowledge today with Stratus Learning’s expanded online training program! Get FULL ACCESS to over 900 courses with a 30-Day FREE trial for individual use or a 90-Day FREE trial for an organization with 10+ people! No credit card is required. 

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