IBT Launches Its New, State-of-the-Art Industrial Training Lab

IBT Launches Its New, State-of-the-Art Industrial Training Lab


For over 70 years, IBT Industrial Solutions has served as a leader in providing strong face-to-face, hands-on industrial training. Building upon our legacy of our exceptional industrial training program, we’re pleased to announce the addition of our new, hands-on training lab at our headquarters in Merriam, KS. This space is the next evolution of IBT’s industrial training program and makes it easier than ever before to become an expert in the field.

With the industry facing an all-time high in labor shortage, filling the generational skills gap through effective, easily-accessible industrial training is paramount. According to NAM, manufacturers reported that it is 36% harder than it was in 2018 to find the right talent. That’s why IBT seeks to continue to do our part in helping increase the number of skilled talent and bring up the next generation of industrial employees with our training courses that are backed by decades of experience in the industry. IBT's New Industrial Training Room

Receive the Same Caliber of Industrial Training as an IBT Employee

At IBT, our employees become the top experts in our industry because of our dedication to in-depth, hands-on industrial training. In fact, Rick Gerling, our Vice President of Business Development, who has been with IBT for over 34 years says:

“Not only are we approached by our customers for our industrial training, but some of our suppliers and like-minded industrial distributors have reached out to request that their employees go through the same training that our employees go through. That is, in large part, due to IBT’s historical reputation for being industry leaders.”

Our dedication to industrial training serves as a pillar throughout our organization to ensure that our employees serve as true partners to our suppliers and customers alike. With IBT, you can count on the fact that our work is never solely centered around product – we also put our knowledge to work to bring you solutions that meet your unique needs and the know-how to put this knowledge into application. In fact, due to these training sessions, several of our employees have gone on to build their own businesses.

Take a Look Inside the New Industrial Training Room

Formerly used as a video production and editing studio by the IBT Media Group from 1981 – 2008, our new industrial training lab underwent a 6-month-long renovation. The space features a completely re-done interior that was thoughtfully designed to best serve the needs of hands-on instruction by Gary Hense, Director of Training & Marketing Services, and Michael Gebauer, Director of Services. IBT's Industrial Training Room

“My dream since 2008 was to turn this space into an industrial training room. We know that 80% of industrial training is visual, while 20% is written. That’s why we wanted to create a lab that allows our students to be more hands-on and better cater to the visual learning element,” Hense, said.

To aid with the visual component of instruction, the training room is fully suited with large work tables, mini hands-on displays, cut-aways, a computer lab, presentation smart board, and bright lighting. This new industrial training room is only the beginning of IBT’s enhanced industrial training offering and will be a major change for each training session. 

Also in the room, we’re proud to display some of our top DirectConnect suppliers who partnered with us in sponsoring the new space. We take pride in partnering with the best brands and manufacturers to bring our customers the most cutting-edge, innovative solutions. The suppliers featured in our training room include:

  • Bearings Limited
  • Beltservice Corporation
  • Continental
  • Dodge
  • Fenner Dunlop
  • Gates
  • Nachi
  • Schaeffler
  • Timken
  • 4B Components Limited

Discover Our In-Person & Online Training Courses

From hydraulics and fluid power to bearings and power transmission to electrical and more, IBT’s hands-on training academy focuses on the technical competence and job-specific knowledge required to maintain reliable equipment and manufacturing systems. We also provide custom training programs that can be tailored to the age, knowledge, and experience of your technicians and managers, as well as the unique needs of your facilities and their operating environment and conditions. Stratus Learning: Online Industrial Training

In addition to our in-person, hands-on training courses, we also have one of the industry’s largest offerings of online training courses with our Stratus Learning course library. This allows for people to work at their own individual pace and brush up on specific topics, not only on industrial product knowledge, but also for all facets of the business. According to Carin Sampson, our Vice President of Human Resources & Marketing, “IBT’s online training solution was created by our very own certified learning and development professionals. The courses not only contain cutting-edge knowledge but were designed specifically to connect with all different learning styles.”

Partner with IBT to Take Your Skills to the Next Level 

As a leader in the industry, IBT has served as a one-stop-shop for all of your industrial needs, including comprehensive training for your employees. With our new industrial training room, we will continue to provide you with the latest courses and build upon our offering as the industry’s needs evolve and expand.

To learn how you can book a training session or implement a custom training program for your organization, contact us today at 913-428-2817 or https://ibtinc.com/contact/.  


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