IBT Named Hytrol Top 6 Integration Partner for 2018

IBT Named Hytrol Top 6 Integration Partner for 2018

For the second time, IBT Industrial Solutions was selected as a Top 6 Integration Partner by Hytrol Conveyor Company

Every year, Hytrol names their top six most impactful distribution, or integration, partners based on annual sales figures. For IBT Industrial Solutions, 2018 was a record year, selling almost $3 million in Hytrol products.

IBT President, Jeff Cloud, accepted the award on behalf of the IBT Conveying Systems team at the award ceremony, held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on March 9th, 2019. “It was an honor to be recognized for our success and contribution out of a network of over 150 independent businesses worldwide,” Cloud says.

Top 6 Integration Partner

Since the beginning, Hytrol has sold material handling equipment exclusively through their network of integration partners who can assist with material handling projects of all shapes and sizes.

“Integration partners are more than important to Hytrol. They are the natural extension of our business processes,” says David Peacock, Hytrol President, in IPs: The Relationship Hytrol Was Built On. “…They understand their markets, they guide product innovations, and they push us to continuously improve—our products, our quality, and our value. They are able to do this because of their industry-leading expertise and their unmatched ability to connect customer needs to Hytrol’s capabilities.”

IBT & Hytrol Celebrate 50 Years of Profitable Partnership

IBT prides itself on being more than a distributor of Hytrol products alone—and they have a long-lasting relationship of trust and collaboration to thank. On April 5th, 2019, IBT and Hytrol celebrated a significant milestone in that relationship—50 years of doing business together.

Recently, IBT and Hytrol have even teamed up on the research and development of new products. “As Hytrol develops new products, they trust IBT to be first on the scene to test them out with our customers,” says Jim Boatright, IBT Conveying Systems Manager. “IBT has been instrumental in finding beta sites for the e24 conveyor line and also the new ethernet version of EZ-logic coming out in the next year”

New Hytrol Tech Center Available to IBT Customers Upon Request

Having good relationships with your business partners has its perks and IBT is grateful to be able to extend those perks to customers.

Hytrol has allowed IBT and their customers exclusive access to their new tech center in Jonesboro, AR that showcases their brand new and best-selling products, including sortation conveyors for an engaging, hands-on experience. Customers can also bring their own products and test them at the tech center using Hytrol machinery.

The tech center also includes a virtual reality booth that allows you to virtually interact with conveyor systems. Ready to schedule a visit? Contact Jim Boatright, IBT Conveying Systems Manager today.




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