IBT Now Builds Top-Quality Power Turn Conveyor Belts

IBT Now Builds Top-Quality Power Turn Conveyor Belts

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IBT Industrial Solutions now offers custom-made power turn conveyor belts that perform just as well—and in some cases, better—than a standard OEM belt, at a better value.

The belts are fabricated for your specific application by IBT’s Industrial Rubber Products Group (IRPG), which engineers and produces specialty conveyor products for its customers.

“Not a lot of suppliers produce this type of belt, because it’s very difficult to make,” said Scott Kesner, Director of the IRPG for IBT.  “Our power turn belts are direct OEM replacements, and compatible to OEM specs.”

Top-Quality Replacements

All of IBT’s power turn conveyor belts are chain-driven belts, custom-fitted to your specific application—using precision measurements.  They come with the chain and all attachments.

“This is an extremely precision-made product,” said John Beeson, Account Manager for IBT.  “Not everybody makes these.  It absolutely must be a perfect fit.”

The belts can also be tailored to fit almost any type of product—such as raw, boxed, or metal—and work in almost any kind of environment.

“We do belts for freezers, hot temperatures, even greasy or oily applications,” Beeson said, adding that the belts have been used in a variety of industries, including packaging, food and beverage, shipping, and logistics.  “We collect the specs on where and how you’re using it, and what you are using it for.  The dimensions are extremely important.”

Beeson’s team uses a rigorous data collection process before the material for the power turn belt is selected or cut. “For a power turn conveyor belt, it absolutely must be a perfect fit,” he said.

High Performance

In addition, the IBT power turn belt replacements are designed to stand up to heavy usage and long wear.

“We make all of our power turn belts out of one single piece of belting,” Kesner said.  “This prevents the splice failures that happen when you use multiple pieces together.”

IBT’s replacement belts can be used for virtually any angle—including a 45°, 90°, 180°, or even 360° turn.  For more information on getting a custom-fabricated power turn belt replacement from IBT, request a free consultation with an IBT expert.


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