IBT Dishes Up Specialized Products for San Antonio’s Food and Beverage Industry

IBT Dishes Up Specialized Products for San Antonio’s Food and Beverage Industry

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IBT Industrial Solutions originally opened its doors in San Antonio in 1994, with a focus on heavyweight belting for the aggregate industry. 19 years later, the company now serves a variety of industries in that area, such as: food and beverage, oil and gas, entertainment, power plants, and the military.

Specializing in Food and Beverage Industry

Where the team really shines, however, is in the food and beverage industry.

“Food and beverage processors have very specialized requirements,” said Pat Pollard, a Regional Manager for IBT. “The constant washdown and sanitization are very harsh on the equipment, plus there is a constant push for maximum uptime, and meeting strict FDA standards.”

To handle the stringent environments, Pollard’s team works closely with their customers to create personalized, industrial solutions that are:

  • Food-Safe.IBT utilizes vendors that supply high-quality, food-grade equipment that performs well under pressure, such as JAX lubricants. “We have excellent lubricants that will not contaminate the food, but will still perform at a high level,” said Joe Mujica, a Product Specialist at IBT in San Antonio.More: Dodge E-Z Kleen, Ultra Kleen Bearings
  • Clean.To meet tough cleanliness standards, the team offers a vulcanizing service to make thermoplastic belting completely smooth and endless.”This helps the conveyor belt stay cleaner and last longer, because it’s stronger,” said Mujica. “The belt becomes totally seamless, so food does not get caught in the lacing.”
  • Washdown-Ready.“With the constant washdowns required by the food and beverage industry, equipment tends to get rust, mold, or mildew,” said Pollard. “The cleaning chemicals are very aggressive on steels, beltings, and alloys.”To remedy this, the San Antonio team stocks up on equipment and parts that use stainless steel, special coatings, and anti-microbial additives.”We have found the right products and solutions that perform well in a harsh washdown environment,” Pollard said.
  • Available 24/7.Rick Martinez, an Outside Sales rep for IBT in San Antonio, emphasized that round-the-clock service is critical for food and beverage processors who are pressured to produce goods constantly.”We are here to solve problems and provide operational solutions day or night, for any customer,” said Martinez. “Whether it’s to help with a breakdown, provide a part, or install a conveyor belt, we’re available 24/7.”

Growing the San Antonio Business

Pollard’s goal is to continue to provide new products and services each year to support the food and beverage industry in the San Antonio area. Food and beverage companies represent nearly 22% of IBT’s current customer base.

“We are actively investing in the growth of this branch,” Pollard said, pointing out that plans are already underway to add more staff and move to a larger building by 2014.

“The rapid growth in the food processing industry is actively driving our need to expand,” he said. “We are constantly enhancing our capabilities in this area.”


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