IBT’s Hose Shop Adds Capabilities with their NEW Industrial Hose Machine

IBT’s Hose Shop Adds Capabilities with their NEW Industrial Hose Machine

Tradition meets Innovation

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Since the 1960s IBT has been a leader in Industrial Hose here in the Midwest. We have continued to excel and meet our customer’s needs. Innovating and adding new technology is one piece of our ongoing commitment to deliver the best. Now, IBT introduces state of the art technology to revolutionize our already elite hose capabilities. 

With this new technology, IBT can cut your industrial or hydraulic hose order with extreme precision, faster than ever. This new technology uses a guillotine-style cut, and a wet saw giving you an ultra-precise cut with no fraying or foreign material.  Our machine makes a cleaner cut, over other saws or tools every time.  We’ve combined the tradition of attention to detail and excellent customer service, with innovative technology, all to bring you the best. 

Our new Industrial Hose machine can:

  • Cut Industrial hose from 3/16” – 1” & Hydraulic hose up to 3/4 “
  • Cut with extreme precision – with no fraying or foreign debris
  • Precise guillotine cut for Industrial Hose and a wet saw for Hydraulic Hose
  • Print directly on the hose for a fully custom order
  • Print any combination of letters & numbers
  • Store your preferences for repeat orders

Imagine perfect cuts on your hose, every time

No matter how many or often you order, IBT will deliver a precise cut, quicker than the rest.  We can even print custom labeling directly on the hose. Our new machine will store your part number, phone number, or other custom messages you may repeatedly buy. So no more wasting time repeating those details, we’ve got you covered.


Need a depth marking for fittings? 

Are you an OEM?

Need your phone or part number printed directly on your hose?

Print away!

With this new machine, IBT can cut your hose order at high speeds and with 100% repeatability. So you get the exact cut you need, no deviation. With fast turnarounds and great service, IBT is a choice that just makes sense.

IBT delivers a high-quality product at high speeds

IBT represents the leading manufacturers of industrial rubber products and our approved assembly and testing facility can custom finish complete hose assemblies to your exact specifications. We maintain a vast inventory of industrial hose and accessories. Our hose shops are even 3-A certified so you can rely on us for all of your food and beverage hose needs.

As a leader in the industry, IBT has been your one-stop-shop for all of your industrial hose needs for decades. We’ve continued to offer an unbeatable combination of quality products and service. With this new machine, we will continue to provide tailored solutions and exceed your Industrial Hose needs.

Contact us today and discover how we deliver the best solution for your needs.

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