Improve Drive Performance with Poly Chain® GT™ Carbon™ Synchronous Belts

Improve Drive Performance with Poly Chain® GT™ Carbon™ Synchronous Belts


While roller chains are a popular solution for power transmission applications, they’re not the only drive option out there on the market. When it comes to adverse conditions, roller chains may not weather environmental factors the way a given application requires, especially for corrosive situations, like in the food and beverage processing industry. With innovative synchronous belt drive systems, you can greatly improve your drive performance with a high-strength, low-maintenance solution. Read on to see how a synchronous belt drive system might be the right fit for your conveying needs.

Eliminate Downtime with Stronger Drive Solutions

In comparison to belt drives, roller chains can face velocity fluctuation when conditions cause the chain to become stretched, and therefore, causing links to be removed from the chain, which can create unwanted downtime. This can happen as frequently as a couple of months to a year, making unwanted interruptions a costly hassle. Another important thing to note when it comes to chain drives, is that a smooth speed transfer is not possible due to chordal action.

With a synchronous belt drive system, like the Poly Chain® GT™ Carbon™ belt system fromPoly chain provides extended life to increase your drive performance.Gates®, you can increase uptime with a multi-year service life that can last up to 3X longer than a roller chain. With no metal-on-metal wear, sprockets for Poly Chain® also have a longer life span of up to 10X that of roller chain sprockets. Synchronous belt drive systems, like Poly Chain®, are designed to withstand shocks, surge loading, and heavy abrasion, including high torque, low-speed drives.

Optimize Drive Performance with Safer Operations

Roller chains require constant and careful maintenance, lubrication, dirt and foreign material clean-out, and slack adjustments. Without staying on top of this, roller chains can wear out faster than belt drives, causing a low life expectancy with an estimated 90-95% of chain drives being improperly lubricated. Not to mention, chain drives can be quite dangerous for those who handle them, as the chain meshing with a sprocket can be a pinch point. 

With synchronous belt drive systems like Gates’ Poly Chain® GT™ Carbon™ belt, you’ll get thePoly chain is up to 97% lighter than roller chain. benefit of zero maintenance, as there is no stretching, re-tensioning or lubrication required. This system is 97% lighter than roller chain, which offers improved operating conditions and ergonomics. Synchronous belts also improve safety, reduce environmental risk, and provide rust-free spaces for an optimized drive performance that offers the ultimate peace of mind for you and your team.

The Best Applications for Synchronous Belt Drive Solutions

From resource processing to heavy manufacturing, automated production to custom assembly, synchronous belts can take your drive performance to the next level. With the Poly Chain® from Gates, you can rest assured that you have a product that is a reliable and safe solution for a wide array of industries and applications, including:Poly chain enhances drive performance for multiple applications.

  •       Bucket elevators
  •       Vertical lift systems
  •       Transport conveyors
  •       Leg elevators
  •       Fans and pumps
  •       Direct contact conveyance
  •       Horizontal and vertical positioning

Upgrade Your System with Gates

Gates’ belt-driven solutions combine advanced materials science and process engineering to help factories, plants, and other industrial handling facilities increase uptime for greater productivity and profitability. With over a century of creating innovative belt and hose solutions, Gates offers the products you need to set your company up for success. Poly chain is available at IBT Industrial Solutions.

Partner with IBT to Improve Your Drive Performance Today

At IBT Industrial Solutions, we have a dedicated team of power transmission belting experts that can help you navigate finding the right drive solution for your application. Take a look at our comprehensive selection of power transmission belts and tools on ShopIBT or reach out to us today with a request regarding your specific needs!


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