Improve Your Bearing Solution With The Cam Follower That Lasts Up To 4x Longer

Improve Your Bearing Solution With The Cam Follower That Lasts Up To 4x Longer

RBC Roller Cam FollowerIntroducing the RBC Roller®—a cam follower that was developed for customers needing a high degree of assurance of long cam follower life.

This specially-designed cam follower by RBC is a great problem solver for production machinery applications where downtime is critical and must be avoided, or where cam followers are not readily accessible for relubrication or replacement. For example—conveyor applications, automotive transfer lines, process industries or defense applications.

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 Maintenance-Free Design Saves Time + Money

The RBC Roller is pre-lubricated at the factory with a high-quality mineral oil, NLGI grade 2 grease. The space between the two paths of rollers, which is created by the center thrust ring provides a large grease storage cavity.

Their enhanced ability to store lubricant, in combination with the excellent grease retention of the contacting lip seals, makes the RBC Roller virtually maintenance-free—Saving you both time and money associated with replacement, lubrication and downtime.

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 Lower Running Temperature + Higher Speeds

A center thrust ring in the RBC Roller imparts end guidance to the two paths of rollers. Conventional needle roller bearing cam followers rely on outer ring curvature and controlled circumferential clearance for roller guidance. The needle rollers often skew during normal operation, generating unnecessary heat which can lead to premature failure.

When compared to needle roller bearing cam followers, end-guided cylindrical rollers allow the RBC Roller to run approximately 50°F Cooler and at higher speeds—boosting overall productivity.

 Superior Thrust Capability + Misalignment Accommodation

The RBC Roller accommodates thrust loading through contact between the outer ring flanges and roller ends, and between the roller ends and the center thrust ring. As a result, the RBC Roller is tolerant of tracking misalignment and axial loads that would overwhelm other designs.

 Increased Dynamic Capacity + Fatigue Life

Lastly, the comparatively large diameter of the rollers provides substantially increased dynamic capacity and fatigue life. On a size-by size-basis, the RBC Roller offers at least twice—and up to nine times—the fatigue life of conventional needle roller bearing cam followers.

What Can The RBC Roller Do For You?

The RBC Roller is available in stud and yoke type configurations and is dimensionally interchangeable with needle roller cam followers. Standard sizes range from 1 1/4 inches outside diameter to 10 inches outside diameter.  

IBT has a wide selection of cam follower roller bearings and stud type cam follower bearings available for your needs. To improve your bearing solution, contact us today or give us a call at 913-677-3151.


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