Improve Your Operations with Agriculture Duty Mounted Ball Bearings

Improve Your Operations with Agriculture Duty Mounted Ball Bearings


From tilling to irrigation to harvest and more, those who operate in the agriculture industry understand the importance of constantly searching for new ways to boost efficiency. In today’s marketplace, with demand at an all-time high, it’s more important than ever that agriculture operations have sustainable, long-lasting equipment that they can depend on. In this article, we highlight how agriculture equipment users and manufacturers can reduce operating costs and increase yields with innovative, agriculture duty mounted ball bearings.

Maximize Your Output Throughout the Season

From season to season, agriculture equipment users and manufacturers can’t afford parts and AG Mounted Ball Bearings Family from Dodge appliances going out-of-commission. This makes high-performing parts that can last throughout each season and withstand harsh environments mission critical.

Designed for both above- and in-ground applications, products like the new Agriculture Duty mounted ball bearings from Dodge® have uniquely durable design features that are backed by industry-leading technology to weather the destructive agriculture environments. This includes an Agriculture Duty sealing system and durable metal shield combination to ensure dust, dirt, water, and other contaminants are unable to penetrate the mounted ball bearing.

Reduce Maintenance Costs & Parts Replacement

The agriculture industry puts bearings through extremely severe working conditions and rugged environments, especially when it comes to in-ground applications. Agricultural applications require continuous maintenance and often end up needing parts replaced on a regular basis due to their inability to handle these challenging conditions. AG Pillow Block with collar in front

With the Agriculture Duty mounted ball bearings from Dodge, agriculture equipment users and manufacturers can benefit from reduced maintenance. Built for easy, reliable use, Dodge’s Agriculture Duty mounted ball bearings utilize an eccentric collar shaft attachment that is easy to install and preferred within the agriculture industry. These mounted ball bearings are factory-filled 100 percent with synthetic grease to limit friction, lower operating temperatures, and maximize grease service life.

Optimize Performance & Decrease Operating Costs

With the harsh environments that agriculture applications put agriculture equipment and machinery through, all of the moving parts are in need of constant lubrication and close monitoring, which can have a large impact on operating costs, especially when there is interruption to production due to any downtime for repairs. With products that can self-lubricate or purge during re-lubrication without the risk of seal blowout, agriculture equipment users and manufacturers can get the ultimate peace of mind.

Agriculture Duty mounted ball bearings from Dodge provide exceptional reliability with a patented Maxlife cage, which features a two-piece design that creates a grease compartment around each ball element. These compartments allow constant grease contact with ball elements to minimize wear and prevent washouts in extremely wet conditions — decreasing the need for frequent lubrication.

Look to Dodge for Long-Lasting, Agriculture Duty Mounted Ball Bearings

As a trusted supplier for the agriculture industry, Dodge understands the utmost importance of providing agriculture equipment users and manufacturers with the highest-quality products that can handle demanding applications. With their new Agriculture Duty mounted ball bearing series, Dodge makes it easier than ever to get reliable, long-lasting products that can take production efficiencies to the next level.

Partner with IBT for Your Mounted Ball Bearing & Agricultural Needs

Our dedicated agriculture team at IBT has the expertise you need to help you find just what you need to improve your operation. We take pride in providing the right parts and service knowledge that will get you back to work more quickly, while saving you time and money. AG Mounted ball bearing featuring a 4-bolt and 2-bolt flange.

The best thing to do to ensure you’re boosting efficiencies for your operation is to be prepared. At IBT, we specialize in helping you create a sound preseason plan that will guarantee you get the parts and tools you require for high-performance throughout the season. Reach out to our agriculture specialists today to learn how we can help you nurture your yield and bottom line. Or, if you know what bearing products you’re in need of, visit to purchase parts directly.


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