In A Hurry? Call IBT

In A Hurry? Call IBT

Routine excellence is the basic standard for IBT customer service. And, in the event that they deliver less than that, they expect their customers to remind them. When they do it the way they are supposed to, they don’t expect to hear big cheers. After all, being really good at taking care of the customer is why they are here.

Occasionally, however, there comes an opportunity to get into a major mobilization to help a customer through an especially tough situation.

In mid-January, IBT’s Branch in Coffeyville, Kansas encountered just such a chance to shine.

IBT is pleased to tell you that – with the superior performance of a vendor rep and fast IBT reaction – a customer in need was turned into a customer taken care of indeed.

Inside sales rep Mike Kendrick took a call from IBT customer and longtime Coffeyville company Funk Manufacturing (now part of John Deere). They were in a real bind. They had a production line down for the want of an SKF/Chicago Rawhide shaft seal to build into new equipment. They needed 250 of them, and they needed them ASAP.

The part in question is an extremely minor component, costing well under $ 5.00. But, if you gotta have it, you gotta have it. And they did have to have it. And, IBT didn’t have any on hand. And neither did anyone else.

Fortunately for all concerned, the factory did have the necessary quantity coming off the production line the next day. More fortunately for all concerned, the factory was in Kansas: Seneca, Kansas, to be precise, but a whopping 240 miles away.

The customer was eager to get the seals and volunteered to pick them up at the factory. Not necessary, IBT Store Manager Allen Marshall assured them. “IBT has a secret weapon.”

And, they do. Because the most fortunate aspect of this whole challenge was the sales representative for SKF Sealing Solutions, Dwayne Daniels. Kendrick had put Daniels on red alert as soon as he sized up the situation.

“Dwayne is the best vendor guy I have,” Allen Marshall reports. “Since the product in question was one of his, I knew that this whole story would have a happy ending.”

Like any good salesman, Dwayne had his time planned: making calls in Salina, Kansas.

But, like any great salesman, he recognized a compelling call to action when he heard one. So, Daniels jumped in the car, drove to Seneca, picked up the order and delivered it personally to Emporia, Kansas. There, he met IBT inside sales rep Scott Garrison from Coffeyville.

IBT continued the relay and got it to Funk, total elapsed time, start to finish was about 28 hours.

So, net result: one happy customer, one restarted assembly process, one relieved IBT store manager, one tired vendor sales rep. And one overall demonstration of what it takes to be ready to do what it takes when duty calls.


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