Increasing “Overhead” Isn’t Always Bad

Increasing “Overhead” Isn’t Always Bad

The building was once large enough but successful operations were straining the facilities severely. Stock levels were eating up floor space, especially.

A small business had a problem and they were looking for an efficient and reasonably priced solution. The initial options were obvious, but undesirable: build an extension to the existing building or lease or acquire additional storage space at an outside location. While potentially acceptable and effective, they were also costly, inconvenient and logistically frustrating.

Cogan Mezzanines, a product sold through IBT, had a better idea: “Look up!” The answer was to add a new level, a 10,000 square foot mezzanine. Even though the job in question was complex, the Cogan team moved quickly, preparing an estimate and layout in just days. Their work took into account several important and complicating factors. They had to work around HVAC, building columns, in-plant offices, automated material handling components, existing shelving units and worker locations.

The Cogan engineers also calculated floor loadings, material options and assembly/installation concerns. The client in question was very concerned about loss of worktime because of the construction. But, the Cogan planners handled that one also.

With all the necessary and required information compiled, Cogan engineered approval drawings were generated, providing an accurate blueprint of the layout and material to be manufactured. Once the drawings were verified on site and authorized, a detailed production schedule was determined enabling Cogan to provide the status of a series of deliveries that conformed to the schedule of the client company and the contracted installation team. Throughout the manufacturing process and deliveries, the client was consistently updated until all material was on-site.

The Cogan Technical Support team was in contact with the contracted installers to review the necessary installation procedures and to verify the required tools and equipment were allocated. The support team was available throughout the installation including weekends to ensure there were no unnecessary work stoppages.

To people who know Cogan, the success of this project was typical and no surprise. They have a history of leadership in areas of products, quality, low cost production and fairness in business practice. This is as true today as it was in 1901, the year the company opened its first manufacturing facilities in Montreal, Canada.

Cogan Mezzanines can fulfill the promise of creating functional, valuable space where none existed before. They increase and enhance floor space without costly building renovations or moving to a larger facility. Free-standing mezzanines offer companies interesting options, enabling them to maximize their manufacturing and storage capacities.

To learn more abut IBT’s representation of Cogan Mezzanines – and how their products can help you increase overhead in a way that you will definitely like, contact us.


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