Inside the System

Inside the System

Predictive maintenance believes that it is smart to fix something before it breaks. Smart management calculates and estimates when the optimum time for that fix is. So, in the properly managed system, outages and downtimes are proactively planned and executed accordingly. Under this system, production management is high on orderliness and low on random surprises.

And in the real world in which most of us live and work, the basic rule is “run it till it breaks, then fix it fast.”

Of course, there is a great deal to be said for the orderly, planned, monitored and disciplined approach. When applied correctly, it makes perfect sense and saves perfect dollars.

But, like many other situations, it all comes down to the big question: “Who?”

Who is going to monitor the system? Who is going to calculate the correct timing for maintenance? Who is going to schedule the downtime and the wrench time? Who is going to make sure that all the components and parts needed for the repair are on hand, in good condition and ready to be installed?

Well there is an answer to the “who” question. And there is a way to achieve an orderly process of plant operations that is low on the unexpected unpleasantness that crops up when critical equipment does not get all the attention it needs in advance.

The answer is ISG – The Integrated Services Group of IBT.

ISG acts as the client’s partner. In many situations, they apply technology. ISG’s Computerized Maintenance Management Software program (CMMS) offers better management of the total MRO asset base by focusing on the prevention of emergency downtime.

Knowing when the maintenance should be scheduled is important, but it is only part of the entire process. Having the right material on hand is also critical. And, making sure that the right material has been obtained at the right price – and that the system is ready to assure continuing availability – is also extremely important.

ISG uses technology to manage the process and to improve the efficiency of the total supply chain while increasing productivity. Electronic communication creates opportunities for automatic replenishment, summary billing, automated reconciliation of payables and electronic funds transfer to the vendor. Using barcodes on work orders, plant equipment, inventory items, issues, receiving and cycle counting can also reduce errors and yield more accurate and timely information.

So, when the system points to a piece of equipment to be serviced and the parts are on hand, the back-up system plans the replenishment order in a timely manner.

On a company-wide basis, the system also looks to see how to best manage the procurement process: ordering neither too soon – tying up cash in inventory – nor too late – causing expensive waiting time.

ISG works with companies all across the US. The range of services that companies use may vary – but each organization looks to achieve improved ROI: Return On Investment.

Using IBT ISG services gives you the expertise and experience of their inventory management, technology, operational and product specialists. ISG will work with your maintenance and purchasing staff to design a customized total supply chain management program – one that is specifically tailored to your individual plant or multiple plants.

Using ISG’s trained personnel, well-established and proven systems, and taking advantage of the instant communications that are possible through internet technology, ISG gets the job done. They lower supply chain costs, increase uptime, squeeze the waiting, the waste and redundancy out of the process, and make things happen the way they should.

And, most important, they save you money. ISG takes over the “who” adds the “know how” and successfully answers the other big question “how much?”

To learn more about how the ISG system can work for your organization, contact Phil Pope, Director of Corporate Accounts, at 913-428-2812 or by email.


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