Is your operation ready to reap the benefits of a sharp increase in sales?

Is your operation ready to reap the benefits of a sharp increase in sales?

“The new sortation system can accomodate 145 cases a minute, which is a big improvement over the 85 cases handled by the old sorter. Basically, the ProSort takes cartons as fast as we can feed them so there are no backups anywhere.”
– Equipment Manager

The time to market for gaming systems is critical and their release date is often a highly publicized event. If everything goes right the demand will surge. Your distribution center needs to be ready.

With an estimated 40% of American households owning a video gaming system, this manufacturer of video game hardware and software has achieved remarkable market penetration. With a market of that size and magnitude the supporting distribution center has to keep up with orders quickly and accurately. This modern 380,00 square foot facility processes more than 20,00 orders a day for customers including retail store and a growing number of consumers who order their video games and components online.

Keeping Pace With A New Sortation SystemDisadvantages of the old system:

  • The old sorter could not handle packages smaller than 8″x12″. Consequently, there was a lot of “air” in many of the small orders. This, in turn, resulted in poor cube utilization of the trucks and airfreight containers, which translated to unnecessarily high transporation costs.
  • Certain packages that were prone to rotate during the order-flow process had a no-read rate of 10%.
  • On top of all this, the old operation was noisy.

The new system addresses all of these issues – and more. It is considerably more efficient and productive than its predecessor and is notable in a number of respects.

  • Effectively streamlines product flow throughout the facility with a series of merges
  • Incorporates advanced gapping technology and a sortation system that can handle more than 145 packages a minute
  • Integrates a mix of proven Hytrol conveyor equipment, including the unique EZ Logic accumulation system

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