7 Ways to Maximize Your Warehouse Storage Space — Now

7 Ways to Maximize Your Warehouse Storage Space — Now

Over time, storage space gets cluttered, crowded, and dirty—with loose parts everywhere. This creates trip hazards, and the same parts get reordered over and over when employees can’t find them. After a while, it’s impossible to find anything.

How can you clear out the clutter—and squeeze more into your space at the same time? Warehouse design expert Maureen Parker has been helping IBT customers maximize storage space and get more out of their storerooms for 24 years. Here, she offers her 7 favorite tricks for tidying up—and creating more space.

Tip #1 — Look at your space and find the “empty spots.”

Look at everything in your storeroom: walls, rafters, shelves—even the ceiling. What space is underutilized? What is not being used at all? Decide where you can compress storage space, or add new storage.

Tip #2 — Get everything off the floor.

“Parts and motors on the floor cause trip hazards, and leave you open to the potential for lawsuits,” Parker said. “It’s important to move everything up—to the walls, shelving, or pallet racking.”

Tip #3 — Condense shelving.

Try moving your shelves closer together to minimize empty wall space. Or add more shelves to existing shelving sections for smaller parts. The goal is to maximize the space you already have.

“Lots of people don’t realize how much empty space they have on their walls,” said Parker. “You can really take advantage of a foot or two, here and there.”

Tip #4 — Try a modular drawer storage cabinet.

“These work wonders,” said Parker.  “You can store a significant quantity of small parts in these, which lets you condense your storage,” adding that a single eye-level modular drawer storage cabinet can hold the equivalent of three shelf sections of small- to medium-sized parts.  “Stanley-Vidmar makes great modular drawer cabinets,” she said.

Tip #5 — Store parts by size.

Parker suggests sorting parts, according to the following:

  • Modular drawer storage cabinet—for small parts that are needed more frequently
  • Shelving—for medium-sized items, like goggles, gloves, larger bearings, sprockets, maintenance tools
  • Bulk storage rack—for light bulbs, filters, sorbents
  • Pallet racks—for larger, heavier equipment, motors, gearboxes

Tip #6 — Add a mezzanine.

If you have a high ceiling, a mezzanine can provide additional storage for bulky, lightweight items—like files, archives, or electrical parts.

“People don’t think about the available height to the ceiling, but it provides a perfect storage opportunity,” said Parker, who recommends Porta-King’s mezzanines.  “Try their modular offices if you need to have a manager out on the production floor.”

Tip #7 — Create a designated shelf space for deliveries.

“By creating an easy-access, designated shelf space for UPS or FedEx deliveries, you keep packages up off the floor,” said Parker.  Bonus: they can easily be spotted for check-in by staff.

Need to maximize storage space?

For help redesigning your storage space, contact Maureen Parker for even more ideas—at (913) 261-2142 or mparker@ibtinc.com. Learn more about storerooms and mezzanines that IBT provides.


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