ISG: Is It Right For Your Company?

ISG: Is It Right For Your Company?

IBT’s Integrated Services Group (ISG) has been successful at helping a number of organizations gain control of their supply chain and MRO processes. As the ISG team has progressed, they have developed a number of tell-tale signs that a company is likely to benefit from using their process.
Ask yourself the following questions about your operation and your organization:

  • Does the company have multiple locations?
  • Does the company have diverse manufacturing equipment?
  • Has the company grown through acquisition? Or added facilities over a period of time?
  • Is there production equipment that has been acquired over a long span of time?
  • Is the company concentrating on increasing manufacturing productivity?
  • Has there been turnover in manufacturing management?
  • Has the MRO staffing been reduced?
  • Do your various locations have individual methods and procedures for maintenance?
  • Is there an overall maintenance plan in place?
  • Is the company concerned about excess, unplanned downtime?
  • Does the company have difficulty meeting production goals consistently?
  • Is the company looking to reallocate assets?
  • Is there a large group of miscellaneous spares and replacement parts in tool cribs?
  • Does anyone know what they are, what they do, what they fit – and why you have them?
  • Is the company able to generate accurate manufacturing equipment data detailing usage, cost to maintain, warranty tracking, etc.?
  • Is the company frequently ordering replacement components on an emergency basis?
  • Are you frequently buying replacement/repair parts from the equipment OEM?
  • Do you have too much inventory of repair parts on your shelves?
  • Do you own obsolete MRO inventory?
  • Do the various locations know what equipment and spares are available in the system?
  • Has rush/air freight become a major expense?
  • Is the investment in on site MRO inventory out of hand or out of control?
  • Does the company have a procedure or plan for dealing with inventory shrinkage issues?
  • Is anyone responsible for tracking obsolete and dead MRO inventory?
  • When obsolete and dead inventory is identified, is there a way to get it removed and have its value recovered?

If you can answer too many of these questions with a “Yes,” talking with ISG would probably prove to be both interesting and profitable.

To start the ball rolling, contact Phil Pope, Director of Corporate Accounts, at 913-428-2812 or by email.


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