Self Lube Bearings From Isostatic Industries

Self Lube Bearings From Isostatic Industries

Isostatic Industries and IBTGood maintenance practice dictates regular lubrication of bearings. Doing this assures dependable performance, good machine reliability and a certain relief from unexpected downtime.

Unfortunately, not all bearings are easily lubricated, because not all bearings are easily accessed.

Image courtesy of Isostatic IndustriesIsostatic Industries has a solution: Oilube® self-lubricating bearings made with powdered metal.

To make it, it is pressed from powdered copper and tin, then sintered to create a bearing that is both porous and strong. Finally, Isostatic Industries impregnates the bearing wall with oil. As the pores fill, they create a bearing that will operate under a wide range of loads, in a broad range of speeds.

And they will last.

The Isostatics bearing uses a technology that is almost 85 years old. It has proven itself over trillions of revolutions in millions of bearings.

The Oilube bearings are available in sizes as small as 0.125 inch ID with OD of 0.19 inch and length of 0.15625 inches and as large as 4.0035 inch ID with OD of 4.504 inch and length of 4.0 inches. There are literally hundreds of sizes in between.

To learn more about how Isostatic Industries Oilube bearings can help you save time and money, ask your IBT sales rep or write for more information..


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