JAX Is Named “Supplier of the Year” by Tyson Foods

JAX Is Named “Supplier of the Year” by Tyson Foods

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Tyson Foods announced that it has awarded its highest supplier honor, Supplier of the Year, to JAX INC.  The company was selected in part for its outstanding Lube-Guard program, which offers plant audits and surveys of all lubricated plant equipment. JAX manufactures industrial lubricants for companies across the globe.

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Direct Savings of Nearly $5 Million

JAX was selected in 2007 as an approved lubrication supplier for Tyson Foods.  Since then, JAX’s use of innovative lubricants, audited cost reductions, and customized application equipment has resulted in direct savings of nearly $5 million through Tyson’s stringent, internal TCO program.

JAX serves over 110 different Tyson facilities in 22 states.  Tyson Foods is a Fortune 100 food manufacturing company and one of the world’s largest food processors.

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Service Centers for Tyson

To provide service to Tyson’s Midwestern facilities, JAX partnered with IBT, who is an authorized warehouse for JAX products for Tyson.  Many of IBT’s Midwestern branches are located in close proximity to Tyson’s U.S. facilities.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of this,” said Tim Zerger, a Business Group Director for IBT.  “We have enjoyed a very good relationship with both Tyson and JAX.”

IBT has been a JAX distributor for almost 30 years.  Back then, JAX was looking for a key distributor to reach its Midwest customers.  Today, IBT has customer service branch locations across 9 Midwestern states, and provides the customer service, product training, and industrial solutions that JAX customers require.

On the flip side, Zerger said that IBT is equally excited to offer JAX products to its customers—especially their food-grade hydraulic oils, gear oils, compressor oils, and greases.

“The scientists at JAX are true formulators,” said Zerger.  “When one of our customers calls with a problem, they will formulate a grease or an oil to fix it.  They really do their homework, and we appreciate that.”


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