JAX Makes Lube Easy with their new Lube-Guard Program

JAX Makes Lube Easy with their new Lube-Guard Program

Jax LogoJAX is introducing their new Lube-Guard Program. Lube-Guard is a system that uses color-coded wall charts, equipment tags and Oil Safe® containers to ensure that the proper lubricant is used on the right machinery. This program is available to you as a value-added service through your IBT sales rep.

Implementing Lube-Guard in your plant is easy. The first step is the Lube-Guard Plant Lubrication Audit. You and your IBT sales rep identify and review all the various lubricants that are used in your facility. Then, you catalog the complete equipment and application recommendations for your plant. Finally, you review safe storage procedures and containers – as well as fluid transfer methods.

The second step uses the JAX Lube-Guard Product Application System and color-coding. The JAX color-coded wall charts come complete with product descriptions and application information. The charts are keyed to color-coded equipment tags which clearly mark which JAX lubricant to use. Use of color-coded Oil Safe® containers, which easily identify the products, completes the equation.

It is essential to make sure that your equipment is being lubricated properly. Failure to use the correct lubricant, or to under or over lubricate equipment, can lead to significant problems including unplanned downtime, premature equipment failure and product waste. All of these lead to increased costs for your plant.

Proper lubrication, however, is generally easier to talk about than it is to accomplish. That’s why the Lube-Guard program, exclusive from JAX and available through IBT, is such a smart move. It’s effective, easy to implement and is available to JAX customers at no cost.

You can extend your equipment life and improve plant profitability with the JAX Lube-Guard program. Contact your IBT sales rep for more information on how to put this program to work at your facilities.


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