RPM Lab Services from Jax Lubricants

RPM Lab Services from Jax Lubricants

Lubricants are the life blood of oil-wetted machinery. As they circulate through a system, they perform a number of functions including friction reduction, heat removal and control of various contaminants. As the lubricants carry out these tasks, they begin to change, both physically and chemically. They also begin to accumulate various foreign substances generated in the system.

By sampling the used lubricant, the condition of both the lubricating oil and the machine is determined by a series of laboratory tests. These tests give a clear picture of the internal condition of the machine and of the oil drained from the machine. Any changes that have occurred are evaluated and new drain intervals are established. Often, the used oil is still serviceable and drain intervals may be lengthened.

Industrial used oil analysis is most effective when it is incorporated into a first class Preventative Maintenance (PM) program. Oil testing should be part of a regular PM schedule. Consequently, data generated through oil analysis will present maximum benefits in the overall machine maintenance.

As oil test data accumulates, Maintenance Managers will have a database from which to draw information concerning major mechanical repairs and part replacement. By studying trends in the analysis, wear rates and deviations from the norm, early warning signals of mechanical failure can be tracked. In order for this analysis to work most effectively, the manager must adhere to a routine schedule of oil sampling.

It should be understood that this program is only as effective as the sample of used oil. Proper sampling procedures and cleanliness measures yield the most accurate and meaningful test results.

JAX/RPM Laboratory Division is an invaluable tool for extending your equipment and lubricant life. RPM Lab reports are easy to read and indicate variations from machine or lubricant norms. A relevant comment section may help direct maintenance personnel to the source of any potential problem. Trial sample kits are available upon request.

JAX/RPM Laboratory Division brings some innovations and experience to used oil analysis that few, if any, can rival. Testing is performed to ASTM standards by highly qualified technicians using state-of-the-art spectrometers, FTIR Infrared Spectrometry and advanced Brookfield Viscometer. This instrumentation enables the lab to provide accurate and dependable results in the research center at JAX corporate headquarters.


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