Join IBT’s Experts at GEAPS 2023 for the Latest Grain News

Join IBT’s Experts at GEAPS 2023 for the Latest Grain News

IBT Industrial Solutions at the GEAPS Exchange

As a trusted grain partner for several decades, IBT Industrial Solutions is thrilled to announce that our grain experts will be at the 2023 Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) Exchange as a platinum sponsor! This year’s GEAPS Exchange will be held at the Kansas City Convention Center on February 25 – 28.  

IBT has taken great pride in participating and providing thought leadership at GEAPS’ annual Exchange for many years and we’ve always seen a tremendous turnout. If you plan on attending the 2023 GEAPS Exchange, be sure to stop by booth 2602 for demonstrations of our industrial grain products and services. Plus, if you haven’t secured your GEAPS Exchange tickets yet, scroll to the bottom of this article to get 50% off with IBT’s promo code!


Get the Details About GEAPS Exchange

Each year, the GEAPS Exchange brings together the top minds in the grain industry to provide educational knowledge, information on the latest trends and technologies, and best practices for the ever-changing environment. The GEAPS Exchange also serves as a great source for learning about grain products.

According to Jr. Volcko, an IBT outside sales representative with a focus on grain, one of the products that we’ve seen on the rise is profile belting, especially with anything that features texture on the top to help with material fallback. When it comes to technologies that are taking the stage, Volcko says that hazard monitoring and bin monitoring products are highly in demand.

“If you’re in the grain industry, you won’t want to miss the great resources, training, and new product and technology exposure that GEAPS has to offer,” Volcko said.


Why You Should Attend: Grain News, Trends, & Insights

From product availability to the railroad labor dispute and Mississippi River drought to employee turnover and more, it’s no secret that this past year has had many challenges that impacted the grain industry heavily. At this year’s GEAPS Exchange, speakers and thought leaders in the industry will provide insights on the possible challenges and solutions for 2023. IBT will also be there to offer solutions and strategies for the coming year, as we’ve had first-hand experience navigating these trends.

“Throughout the challenges and long lead times, especially when it comes to cut and slit conveyor belting and electric motors, IBT has been proactive in reading the landscape for product delays, and that’s why we’ve been stocking backups for the products that had originally served as our backups,” said Volcko.

Featuring over 45 hours of education, this year’s Exchange will be providing a wealth of grain news and insights for the coming year and knowledge that can help you improve operations at your facility.


IBT’s Grain Experts Can Help You Grow Your Bottom Line

With IBT as your partner, you can shop for replacement parts and get assistance from our in-house grain product specialists who are trained to overcome the supply chain issues our industry faces today. Not only do we stock our shelves with backups to our backups and anticipate our customers’ critical needs, we also provide customized recommendations that will best suit your grain operation’s needs. Our products are also available 24/7 on our user-friendly e-commerce site,

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