Our KC Hose Shop Is Turning Skeptics Into Believers

Our KC Hose Shop Is Turning Skeptics Into Believers

 KC Hose Shop KC Hose Shop

When a Kansas municipality customer visited our Hose Shop after being quoted a 3-to 4-week lead time on a 70-piece hose order by a local competitor, he didn’t believe our hose specialists could provide it in one day.

We pride ourselves on servicing customers faster than anyone else in the Kansas City marketplace. Our KC Hose Shop, located at IBT’s Corporate Headquarters in Merriam, KS, welcomed the opportunity to show him all that we’re capable of.

Just a few weeks prior, the customer’s crew leader learned about our comprehensive Hose Shop capabilities at an IBT Tradeshow event. Having only purchased bearings, motors, belting, sheaves, bushings and couplings from IBT in the past, he began to see the IBT Hose Shop as one of IBT’s greatest strengths.

Coming Through When It Matters Most 

When crisis struck, as it’s bound to do, and another supplier quoted him a 3-to 4-week lead time on his order, he remembered IBT, walked right in and got the 70 pieces the very next day.

How did we do it? It came down to inventory. The shop has over a million dollars of inventory on hand, which allows us to turn big jobs around quickly. Our team understands that you can’t always plan for these crises, so we plan ahead for you and stay prepared for anything: “The shop usually works two or three days ahead, so that if a customer comes in with a big order, we have the ability to help them,” said Jesse Dominguez, IBT’s Industrial Rubber Product Group Production Floor Supervisor.

IBT HoseIBT Hose

As the corporate hub to over 40 other locations, the efficiency of our day-to-day systems is essential: “We’re not just handling the customers here in town,” Jesse explained, “we’re helping fill inventory and stock, as well as helping fill customer orders, for most of our branches who don’t have the crimping capabilities we do.”

Why Our KC Hose Shop Stands Out From the Rest

From on-site pressure testing, to hose replacement, and up to a 6” crimp━Our hose experts will take on any challenge, prioritizing customers and helping them whenever they need it.

KC Hose Shop

When customers walk in and ask, “How soon can you do this?”, we can look at our inventory and immediately give them a timeline. “It makes a big difference to the customer when they come straight to us, since we are the hands-on guys,” said Jesse.

Overseeing them for four years now, Jesse speaks highly of his team: “The group we have in our shop is phenomenal. With any order, big or small, they always have a ‘bring it on’ attitude and a mindset that says: ‘you said five, we are gonna beat it by two’━with no hesitation.”

Our customer service and reliability are why customers, like the municipality customer, choose to do business with IBT, but it’s our work ethic and the relationships we build that will continue to keep them coming back, as our newest hose customer has.

Star-CertifiedStar distributor

IBT’s KC Hose Shop facility is also STAR-certified for clean hose by Underwriters Lab (UL), which means it meets or exceeds all the criteria for cleanliness and hose safety set forth by the National Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution (NAHAD).

Want to See What IBT’s Hose Shop Can Do For You?

We’ve got the inventory and expertise to service all your belting and hose needs. For more information, contact IBT‘s team of experts today!


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