Looking for a Safer, Stronger Belt Drive Solution?

Looking for a Safer, Stronger Belt Drive Solution?

Introducing Gates® PowerGrip GT 4 Synchronous Belt

A belt that makes you better

Gates GT 4 beltsAre you tired of unreliable belts breaking, leaving you in the lurch, and dealing with downtime? No one likes dealing with repairs or failing parts. Thankfully IBT has the solution for you. With Gates® PowerGrip™ GT™ 4 synchronous belt, you can wave goodbye to downtime and belt repairs. 

Efficiency is the name of the game in business. Which is why you don’t have time for unreliable, failing parts. You need the best performance. It’s what can set you apart from others, and help with downtime savings, elevated throughput, and added manufacturing efficiencies. 

With Gates® PowerGrip™ GT™4 you’ll get the best and latest in advanced technology and materials science expertise. Using all new materials, Gates introduces a newly designed, high-torque, synchronous belt that can deliver the improved performance you want and need. 

The tough belt you want and need

With the highest carrying capacity of any belt in its class, Gates all-new belt is designed with increased chemical resistance and a larger temperature range. This means the Gates® PowerGrip™ GT™4 is finally the tough, tenacious belt you’ve been searching for. 

The GT™4 belt delivers improved performance over a wide range of industrial applications. The 8MGT and 14MGT pitches are the optimum choice for high-performance drives in the machine tool, paper, and textile industries where durability and low maintenance are required. From resource processing to heavy manufacturing, automated production to custom assembly — Gates GT™4 belt improves uptime, efficiency, productivity, reliability, and safety for an array of applications and industries.

PowerGrip™ GT™4 – The most advanced combination of materials and technology enables: 

  • Higher power-carrying capacity giving you the option to use a narrow belt 
  • No lubrication and no re-tensioning eliminates maintenance costs throughout the life of the belt 
  • Larger temperature range capability
  • Improves Ergonomics — less weight reduces fatigue and strain during installation
  • Environmentally Friendly — made without harmful chlorinated compounds

Discover superior performance, uptime, reliability, and a lower total cost of ownership with the Gates® PowerGrip™ GT™ 4 belts.  The GT™ 4 belts are made just for you and all of your tough jobs – durable, reliable, and rugged – like you want and need. Designed with factories, plants, and other industrial equipment in mind.

Why PowerGrip™ GT™4?

  • Higher Power Capacity for Optimum Performance 
  • Improved Chemical Resistance 
  • Improved Ergonomics
  • Rust Free + Safe for Use in Food Handling Spaces
  • Reduced Environmental Risk
  • No Lubrication + No Stretching
  • High Tooth Jump Resistance

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Standard widths of 20,30, 50, 85 mm (8MGT); 40, 55, 85, 115, 170 mm (14MGT) 

For use in Industries like: 

  • Construction + Mining 
  • Forestry + Agriculture 
  • Textile + Laundry
  • Stationary Machinery + Tools
  • Pulp + Paper
  • Food Processing
  • Packaging + Automation

With the Gates® PowerGrip™ GT™ 4 belts, you can relax knowing your belt is tough enough for the job. Engineered with the newest in advanced synchronous belt technology and materials science expertise, the Gates® PowerGrip™ GT™4 belt delivers the highest power-carrying capacity of any belt in its class. The GT4 belt is the optimal choice for high-performance drives in industries where durability and low maintenance are required.

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