Maintenance for People and Your Workforce

Maintenance for People and Your Workforce

For years, IBT has been a leading provider of safety training, consulting, personal protective equipment and other safety supplies. Now the company is offering a series of initiatives that further prevent the loss of productive employee hours. IBT Wellness helps keep your people on the job.

“We’re providing goods and services to help prevent problems in the workplace,” Gary Porter reports. “With wellness, we’re adding ways that an employer can be proactive. IBT Wellness programs help better prepare the workforce to prevent issues.”

“Any time a day off work – whether for sickness or injury – can be averted, it is money in everyone’s pocket. The worker, the employer, even the insurance company comes out ahead.”

A healthy workforce is a safe, productive and happy workforce. But workers can not do it alone.

IBT Wellness helps reduce workers’ compensation costs, decreases employee turnover and increases productivity. These programs, including ergonomic assessments, drug testing and job task analysis, help prevent injury and screen for potential problems. All services are uniquely tailored to meet your company’s needs and prevent your company’s potential problems.

How much could you save by knowing your employees’ health and potential risk of injury before you hire them?

According to the National Safety Council, the average back injury could cost your company $21,367. And that doesn’t include the cost of lost productivity due to time off for recovery. According to Risk & Insurance magazine, a seemingly minor carpal tunnel injury might cost up to $30,000 over the lifetime of the injury.

IBT Wellness Services can help you reduce workers’ compensation costs, decrease employee turnover and increase productivity by creating injury prevention programs, post-offer/prework screens, ergonomic assessments, drug testing and job task analysis uniquely geared to your company’s needs.

IBT’s on-site wellness programs, physical therapy, hand therapy and work conditioning programs share one major advantage-they don’t take your employees away from the job.

Everything that has made traditional programs so successful is incorporated into our on-site programs. Each program is tailored to the needs of your company and your employees and geared to deliver the best outcomes.

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