Make Disinfecting a Breeze with the Graco® SaniSpray HP—Your #1 tool in the COVID-19 battle

Make Disinfecting a Breeze with the Graco® SaniSpray HP—Your #1 tool in the COVID-19 battle

We need a solution

The COVID-19 pandemic has dominated the globe. People everywhere have been under stay at home orders, and socially distancing to combat this virus. Many non-essential businesses are still closed. As others open, the demand and requirement for disinfecting and sanitizing will be at an all-time high. This will only increase as schools, fitness clubs and other public spaces begin to open. We need a safe, effective solution, and we need it now.

Graco SaniSpraySee a need, fill a need

Thankfully, one of our trusted suppliers, Graco® has just introduced a revolutionary product that will help support you with these new demands. Supporting our customers in any way we can is IBT’s priority. We are constantly searching for products that can deliver powerful results and support businesses where they need it most. We are grateful for suppliers like Graco® who work diligently to innovate and fill the need when they see it. 

After seeing many maintenance staff struggling and needing faster, better tools Graco® was after a solution. The Graco® SaniSpray HP is that solution. The SaniSpray is a revolutionary airless disinfectant sprayer designed specifically to work safely with chemicals approved by the EPA to kill the human coronavirus. While this list is extensive, the CDC also provides additional guidelines for household and facility cleaning, such as appropriate bleach dilution. And when in doubt, if you have any questions on approved chemicals, just reach out. At IBT we’re happy to find a solution for your needs. 

The SaniSpray HP delivers:

  • Highest speed and productivity of any other disinfectant application method
  • Consistent coverage and proper atomization to ensure efficient sanitization
  • Is built with high-grade materials compatible with sanitizers & disinfectants
  • The SaniSpray HP with everything you need – Just add your chemicals and go!

As a business, we know you are facing challenges as you adjust to new CDC guidelines and requirements in response to COVID-19. Whether you are a school, health-care facility, fitness club, or other public facilities, you are likely jumping through hoops to do whatever we can to ensure staff, customers, and the public are all safe. We need that, we need YOU…and we know right now that you need the support and resources to make that job as easy and quick as possible. 

Spray bottles, pump sprayers, electrostatic and even fogging sprayers don’t pass the test when put next to the Graco® SaniSpray HP Airless Sprayers. Other brands don’t apply even coats, drip, or even dry too quickly. With the SaniSpray HP you get consistent application coverage in a fine, even spray that meets chemical dwell requirements. The SaniSpray HP is the fastest application method on the market, period!

Where can Graco® SaniSpray HP help?

  • Schools/Universities
  • Health-care facilities/Doctors offices
  • Fitness clubs/Public Community Facilities
  • Churches/Places of worship
  • Janitorial Contractors
  • Restaurants/Food Service facilities
  • Small businesses

A Safety SucessGraco SaniSpray Disinfecting Sanitizing against COVID-19

Operating and working safely is top of mind for everyone right now. As always, IBT wants to help you work and stay safe in any way we can, just like we have for decades, and even more so in this pandemic. The moment we received this exciting news about the Graco® SaniSpray HP we were immediately sharing it within our teams. Ripple effects were happening. Ideas were sparking. We could see the opportunity to fill the need.  

One IBT team member in particular had a great relationship with the local school and had helped them with other industrial needs in the past. He knew the struggle the staff and children had been going through. See, when the lockdowns began happening, they happened so quickly in some areas that children and staff had to leave their belongings in the school, with no way of accessing them. You too may have also experienced this at your place of work.

Our IBT team member saw the SaniSpray HP  and instantly thought of the school, the kids, and staff. He knew this could help. Within a few hours of learning about the new SaniSpray HP, he was able to help the school order 15 new disinfecting units to aid in sanitizing and cleaning the campus. They were also able to get a mix of corded and cordless units to suit their unique application needs. Now once the SaniSprays are delivered, the school will be clean and safe for everyone to return.  

Staying safe all because of the SaniSpray HP

Keeping the school’s kids, their staff, and crew safe in this challenging time is all possible thanks to the Graco® SaniSpray HP.  Because of our team members’ swift action, he was able to secure this product for the school, which currently does have a slight lead time, as do many other COVID-19 related products right now.  

Not all sprayers are created equal. Only the Graco® SaniSpray HP sprayers are designed and built specifically to be compatible with EPA approved sanitizing and disinfecting chemicals to fight against the novel coronavirus. Only the SaniSpray HP provides maximum efficiency, coverage, and safety!  The SaniSpray HP product from Graco® delivers peace of mind with its consistent disinfecting coverage and the flexibility you need with both corded and cordless options. 

For many facilities, and maybe even yours – this is a crucial need right now. As with many COVID-19 related products, these are moving fast. If you are looking for a better disinfecting solution, please reach out today. 

Want to learn more? Reach out to our Director of Fluid Power, Brent Hanson. Send him an email or give him a call at 913-261-2125.

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