Meet the “Boss”

Meet the “Boss”

What has 10 wheels, 176 square feet, and uses state-of-the-art technology to showcase Dixon’s product line and enhanced safety training? If you guessed one of Dixon’s mobile connections trailers, you’re right.

In April 2004, Dixon introduced its first mobile training trailer, named “Boss,” at the Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution (NAHAD) convention in Phoenix, Ariz. Since then, the trailer has toured the country logging thousands of miles, including many visits to hose distributors and end-user sites.

Dixon sells its products through distributors who represent well-known hose manufacturers. These distributors are called upon to make sophisticated recommendations and help design material transfer solutions in various industrial settings. For many years, Dixon has provided distributors with an educational program to aid them in this process. The mobile training trailer takes that process one step further.

By creating a fully equipped traveling classroom, Dixon provides a forum where the company and its distributors can train an end-user’s procurement, maintenance and engineering staff about product selection, hose assembly installation and safe operational practices.

Inside a Dixon mobile connections trailer, visitors find displays, which include a wide selection of Dixon products for sanitary, petroleum, industrial, chemical, agricultural and construction applications. Instructors take advantage of the trailer’s classroom setting and large plasma screen television, along with hands-on product training and pictures, to make specific recommendations for each customer. The trailer also uses a sound system and special lighting to give it a high-tech feel and to better showcase products. Outside, actual connections are on display showing various products and industrial applications, and a stage area opens from the back to reveal larger pieces of equipment.

Hose assemblies in manufacturing and processing plants can be a source of equipment malfunction, dangerous product spills or even personal injury. With production requirements increasing, the demands placed on hose assemblies are greater than ever. Care must be taken to select the correct hose, fitting and attachment method.

When Dixon representatives visit a location with a mobile connections trailer, they can perform a safety assessment of the site they are visiting. Contact IBT to find out more.


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