Midwest Utility Saves $18,000/yr on Aerosol Degreasers

Midwest Utility Saves $18,000/yr on Aerosol Degreasers

Every day, businesses use aerosol cans for cleaning and degreasing their equipment.  The problem?  The cans never quite use all of their product—and they’re a headache to dispose of, because of their environmental hazard.

Now Walter Surface Technologies offers an innovative auto-filling station that you can install right on your plant floor—that automatically refills aerosol cans of cleaner and degreaser.  It’s called an Air Force PL, and it’s efficient enough to create significant cost savings.

Reduced Expense from $27,500 to $9,500/year

air-force-pl-auto-filling-station3One Midwest utility had been paying $11/can for aerosol cleaners and degreasers to remove dirt and grime from their gearboxes, bearings, and other parts.  Buying 2,500 cans each year, they were spending a total of $27,500 annually—just for aerosol degreasers.

After seeing a demo of the Air Force PL system from IBT Industrial Solutions and Walter Surface Technologies, they decided to try it—and saved $18,000 in their first year of operation alone, reducing their expenditures on aerosol degreasers from $27,500/year to $9,500/year.

The filling station has been so successful, they are now installing it at 2 other facilities in their district.

“This is a unique way to create a huge cost savings for your operation that you may not have considered before,” said Bruce Morrow, a Senior Account Manager at IBT who consulted with the utility about switching to the auto-fill station.

How Does the Auto-Fill Station Save Money?

There are 5 ways that the Air Force PL system saved this Midwest utility money.

Reason #1—No more can disposal.

“Aerosol cans are very costly and time-consuming to dispose of,” said Charlie Trussell, a Manufacturer’s Rep at Walter Surface Technologies.  “Because they are considered ‘hazardous waste,’ you have to have a technician come off the floor to puncture holes in all the cans, then pay someone else to haul them away.”

Reason #2—Stronger “jet blast” of product.

The Walter system uses compressed air instead of chemical propellant, so with their reusable 13.5 oz can, you actually get a stronger “jet blast” of air—usually between 90-125 psi.

Reason #3—The cans actually dispense all of the product.

“When you use an aerosol degreaser from an off-the-shelf can, there’s always a little product left in the bottom of the can that does not get used.  It gets wasted,” Trussell said.  “The Air Force PL system prevents this type of waste, so it’s more efficient overall.”

Reason #4—Buying the degreaser in bulk.

When you buy cans individually, you’re paying an expensive premium for the can itself.  However, with the Air Force PL system, you can buy the degreaser in bulk, at a much lower price.

Reason #5—Easy 1-step refill process.

Employees love the easy, 1-step refill process, Trussell said.  When a can is empty, you simply place it into the cradle at the top of the filling station.  It’s recharged in a few seconds with compressed air and solvent, and ready to use.

Reason #6—No more disposal costs.

Remember, you don’t just pay for every new can of aerosol degreaser—you also pay on the back end, to dispose of the can in an environmentally friendly manner.  The refilling station eliminates that additional cost.

“Most companies achieve significant cost savings within the first 12 months of purchase,” Trussell said.  “We can even do a free analysis for you before you invest, to see if you will save money by switching to the filling station.”


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