M.K. Morse Metal Devil

M.K. Morse Metal Devil


Now you can cut metal faster, cleaner and cooler than before with M.K. Morse Metal DevilTM saws and blades. The secret is their unique metallurgy and special tooth configurations.

Sympathy for the Devil

It used to be that cutting metal with a hand-held power saw was a real challenge.

Cutting created a mess, generated lots of heat, threw off sparks and hot metal scrap and took time. Now, thanks to the M.K. Morse Metal DevilTM, available from IBT General Industrial Supply, cutting metal is no longer a struggle.

Introducing the latest in metal cutting, the new 9 inch (230mm) and 7 inch (180mm) Metal DevilTM metal cutting circular saws with dry cutting technology, from M.K.Morse.

These saws have powerful low-speed, high-torque motors are optimized for metal cutting.

In tests, the M.K. Morse Metal Devil cut through 6×1/4 inch steel plate in an average of less than 12 seconds and 2x2x1/4 inch angle iron in less than 6 seconds.

As important as the saws themselves are the key is the blades from M.K. Morse, which will also fit other makes of circular saws. The M.K. Morse Metal DevilTM is a new range of metal-cutting circular saw blades that cuts through steel as easily as traditional saw blades cut through soft pine 2×4’s.

The M.K. Morse Metal DevilTM combines unique metallurgy and a special tooth configuration to cut metal faster, cleaner and cooler than was previously possible. There are five basic configurations: cutting steel, aluminum, thin steel, stainless steel and wood. The basic difference between each blade is the number of teeth as well as the shape and rake angle of the teeth.

In tests, it cut through 6″x1/4″ steel plate in an average of less than 12 seconds and 2″x2-1/4″ angle iron in less than 6 seconds. The M.K. Morse Metal DevilTM is available in a wide range of sizes from 5-3/8″ diameter to 14″ diameter to fit both cordless and corded saws. The unique metallurgy of the tungsten and titanium carbide cutting tips virtually eliminates sparks during cutting and minimizes the transfer of heat to the material being cut. As a result cut parts remain cool to the touch reducing the wait time required to handle parts between cuts.

Blades used for cutting steel and thin steel have 0° rake and a robust tooth shape. Blades used for cutting softer aluminum, stainless steel and wood have a more forward, positive rake angle and a more aggressive tooth shape.

Look at the M.K. Morse Metal Devil in action. Then if you want more information, contact IBT General Industrial.

M.K. Morse’s New Saws Are High Performance

The 9 inch Metal Devil circular saw has a powerful 15 AMP motor that delivers 2500 RPM for optimal torque. With a maximum cutting depth of 3-1/4 inches, this machine can easily cut up to 3 inch square tubing. Laser guide, 0-45 degree bevel cutting, durable carry case and a unique, quick release chip collection cover are some of the standard features.

The 7 inch Metal Devil metal cutting circular saw offers a 9 AMP motor that delivers 3500 RPM for optimal torque in cutting applications such as 1/4 inch thick mild steel. Durable carry case, retractable blade guard, external overload and a unique, quick release chip collection cover are offered on the 7 inch saw. M.K. Morse provides a one year warranty and 60 day satisfaction guarantee on all Metal Devil saws.

The Details Are in the Devil


IBT Sales Rep Phil Schutter and representatives from M.K. Morse were making sales calls in the Morse demonstration vehicle and stopped at a company in Kansas that is a major metal fabricator. They cut metal at this location all day.

For Schutter, it represented an opportunity to show a new product to a highly qualified prospect. For the guys at the shop, however, it was an opportunity to challenge the product. The product won.

“As soon as we got there and started telling them about this wonderful new saw, we started running into skeptics,” Schutter recalls. “I am sure they have had many other sales guys in there with products that the salesman claimed could do the job – but, actually, couldn’t. So, the shop folks wanted to jerk our chain a little.”


For Schutter, the call turned fun in a hurry – and kept getting to be even more and more entertaining.

“When we told them that we had a saw that could cut metal, one guy went and got a 3/8 inch thick steel disk. So, we cut a half moon shaped piece off of it, slick as a whistle.

“Then, they brought out some bar stock. No sweat.


“Every time they brought a product, our saw handled it easily. We were there to talk about both hand-helds and cut-off saws, but the handheld seemed to be the one they wanted to test.

“So they tested it. It was fun to watch them try to find a piece of metal that we couldn’t cut. As far as I know, they are still trying to find one.

“They bought both hand-held and cut off Metal Devil saws from M.K. Morse. And, they are still using them. And, they’ve bought more.

“There’s nothing like a dramatic demonstration of a new and better product to capture buyer attention. That day, we really showed them what the M.K. Morse Metal Devil can do. And, they ate it up – and snapped up the saw, too.”

The Importance of Being Cool

The M.K. Morse Metal DevilTM is cool. Cool cutting that is. The unique metallurgy and tip geometry of the blade and cutting tips means that virtually no heat is transferred to the inner plate or the material being cut. Imagine cutting through a piece of solid steel then immediately picking up the pieces by the cut edge. With the Metal DevilTM you can do it.

Cool Cutting Means Faster Cutting
Think of how much time you’ll save without having to wait around for parts to cool before you pick them up.

Cool Cutting Means Safer Cutting
The M.K. Morse Metal DevilTM also minimizes the sparks generated when cutting. With limited sparking and cool cutting action, the chance of sparks smoldering in nearby materials or of being burnt when picking up a freshly cut part are eliminated.

Cool Cutting Means Cleaner Edges
Cool cutting means that painted surfaces will not melt at the cut, leaving paint right to the edge. This is especially helpful when cutting prefabricated building materials such as metal roofing and siding. The M.K. Morse Metal DevilTM also will not cause melting as it cuts through aluminum.


Anatomy of the Metal Devil Blade

The M.K.Morse Metal DevilTM cuts through tough metals quickly and smoothly due to its unique combination of manufacturing quality, metallurgy and blade configuration.

Teeth Per Blade

Blades with more teeth are used for finer cuts and to cut thinner materials.

Tooth Geometry

Blades for cutting steel have 0° rake. This configuration creates a stronger tooth with more carbide where the cut is being made.

Blades for cutting softer aluminum and thinner metals have 7° rake. This creates a more foreward cutting action.

M.K. Morse Metal DevilTM: A Longer Lasting Way To Cut

The unique metallurgy of the carbide tips and hardened steel inner plate combined with the configuration of the teeth and manufacturing quality create a circular saw blade that makes more cuts in metal than other blades you attach to a circular saw.

Cut Through Aluminum Plate 700 Times And Be Ready To Do More!

After watching a M.K.Morse Metal DevilTM blade make 700 cuts in 12″ x 3/8″ Aluminum Plate, our laboratory testers wore out before the blade! A big part of the reason is that the Metal DevilTM cuts cool and therefore does not melt aluminum along the cut line. Tests cutting angle iron and steel plate also showed that the Metal DevilTM can be expected to deliver long life performance on virtually any metal-cutting application.

TCG (Triple Chip Grind) Cutting Tip Configuration

Makes all tips strong since the load is shared between teeth. This maximizes the resistance of each tooth to chipping.

DevilTM: A Faster Way To Cut

The M.K.Morse Metal DevilTM cuts through steel, iron and aluminum with minimal frictional drag. Consequently, the time savings are dramatic and important to anyone trying to get more done in less time.

Cut Through Solid Steel Plate Less Than 12 Seconds!

In laboratory tests the M.K. Morse Metal DevilTM cut through 6″x1/4″ thick steel plate in less than 12 seconds on the first 20 cuts. The Devil is a speed demon!


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