Mounted Solid-Block Spherical Roller Bearings for Aggregate & Mining Industries

Mounted Solid-Block Spherical Roller Bearings for Aggregate & Mining Industries

As an industry that stands up to the most demanding circumstances and conditions, the aggregate industry needs unwavering solutions for their conveying needs. 

When it comes to choosing the right roller bearings, especially mounted spherical roller bearings, harsh environments, contamination, shock loading, and abrasion pose quite a challenge in extending life expectancy and avoiding costly downtime and replacements. 

In this article, we provide an in-depth look at a product that can face these challenges head-on and leave other mounted spherical roller bearings in the dust.

Introducing Timken’s® Mounted Solid-Block Spherical Roller Bearings

Timken has designed these solid-block spherical roller bearings to be able to handle the toughest environments with rugged steel housings and multiple shaft locking and seal options. 

Here are some of the advantages of Timken’s mounted solid-block spherical roller bearings:

  • Unrivaled Multi-Point Seal Design: Exceptional multi-point seal design, ensuring unparalleled performance even in heavily contaminated environments.
  • Interchangeable With Most Roller Bearings: Timken’s comprehensive product lineup seamlessly fits with virtually all mounted roller bearings.
  • Faster Installation Time: The machined feet, tapper puller holes, black oxide inner rings, and multiple shaft locking options make this heavy-duty unit easy and quick to install. 
  • Increased Uptime: Enhanced equipment uptime achieved through robust steel housing, a diverse selection of seal options, and high-performance Timken roller bearings.
  • Efficient Built-to-Order Manufacturing: Streamlined built-to-order manufacturing process for swift delivery of customized configurations tailored to specific applications.
  • Multi-Directional Shaft Expansion: Double-nut housing allows on-site conversion from fixed to floating in either direction.
  • One-Time Shaft Alignment: Simplified shaft alignment for all housing styles, facilitated by machined feet ends, enabling precise installation and quicker future unit replacements.
  • Fewer Misalignment Issues: Reduced misalignment concerns, with bearings accommodating up to 1.5 degrees of misalignment (±0.75 degrees); additional allowances possible for applications with lighter loads (consult Timken engineers for specifics).
  • Multiple Available Sizes: Multiple size options catering to shafts ranging from 1-5/16 inches to 15 inches (35 mm to 380 mm).
  • Protection Against Over-Lubrication: Protection against over-lubrication as pressure relief valves are included as standard when ordering units with non-purgeable seals.

Protect Against Harsh Environments & Contaminations

Durable Mounted Spherical Roller Bearings With the aggregate and mining industries constantly enduring harsh environments, aggregate equipment requires rugged mounted spherical roller bearings that are as tough as the conditions they face.

From dust and dirt to crushed materials to water vapor from oils, heavy contamination also threatens the life span of your spherical roller bearings and potential downtime for your operation.

That’s why Timken® has specifically engineered its mounted solid-block spherical roller bearings to handle the toughest application conditions with industry-leading, robust sealing solutions to extend bearing life for your aggregate equipment.

Featuring multiple steel housing and locking options with complete multi-point sealing solutions, as well as a range of end covers, these units protect against contamination ingress and optimize your uptime.

Withstand Shock Loading in Abrasive Applications

When conveying moving rock and minerals, the biggest factor that impacts the working life of bearings is abrasion. This requires a higher level of performance, as abrasive applications are some of the most demanding, as they take on the high physical impact caused by heavy and sometimes sharp materials.

To combat abrasion stress, Timken’s durable mounted solid-block spherical roller bearings are designed for the aggregate industry with strong cast steel housings. This plays a significant role, as cast steel outperforms traditional cast iron housing with its ability to withstand high physical impacts and shock loading without cracking or breaking. 

To further improve your operations, reduce bearing damage, and avoid unexpected downtime, you can couple case-carburized rollers and inner rings with the mounted solid-block spherical roller bearings for an enhanced solution.

Mounted Spherical Roller Bearings for Aggregate Equipment  

As the only mounted spherical roller bearings to offer cast steel solid-block housings as standard, Timken’s mounted solid-block spherical roller bearings provide excellent performance for the most challenging circumstances that aggregate equipment is put through. 

This innovative design was created specifically to strengthen aggregate and mining equipment, and provide peace of mind for those who operate and service aggregate plants. 

Timken’s full line of precision-made locking styles and housings offer exceptional protection, especially when paired with advanced primary and secondary seal options, as well as steel auxiliary covers.Seal Protection for Mounted Ball Bearings

These solutions best serve the following aggregate applications:

Timken’s mounted solid-block spherical roller bearings can run efficiently on misaligned shafts up to ±0.75 degrees, without a reduction in life expectancy.

Timken’s products are some of the best aggregate and mining roller bearings available on the market. 

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With industry-leading, robust mounted and unmounted bearing designs geared to meet the unique needs of the aggregate industry, Timken offers the highest-quality products that increase life expectancy and uptime for aggregate equipment. 

Their thoughtfully engineered mounted solid-block spherical roller bearings provide uncompromising performance while leveraging the latest material science technology to ensure operational excellence and peace of mind.

IBT Has the Solutions You Need for the Aggregate Industry

At IBT, our dedicated team of experts has extensive application knowledge for the aggregate and mining industry, ranging from mechanical components to maintenance technologies and component repair to safety supplies. 

We understand that your operation relies on the most dependable products, innovative solutions, and customer support. That’s why we partner with brands we believe in, like Timken, to meet your application’s specific requirements. 

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